V-Q Pro Tips

  1. It is OK Co-Q Your V-Q
  2. Fail to Prepare is Preparing Fail
  3. Send out a Pre-Blast (get the PAX excited)
  4. Do your best to get some sleep (good luck)
  5. Scout the location thoroughly
  6. Ask the Site Q how many Pax should be expected
  7. It is OK to be nervous – it shows you care
  8. Wear a watch
  9. Keep it Simple – Don’t complicate what should be easy
  10. Practice your cadence
  11. It is not easy for YOU to do the entire workout with YOU  leading in cadence  (share the lead)
  12. If you can’t do it don’t Q it
  13. No need to search for an exercise nobody has heard of or done before … save that for you next Q
  14. Show up early
  1. It’s OK to read the opening:

the reason for this because they ALL need to be said

  1. F3 Fitness Fellowship and Faith
    1. 5 Core Principles
    1. Mission Statement
    1. Credo
    1. Disclaimer
    1. Ask for any FNGs
  2. Pick Up the Six … YOU don’t have to Pick him up just make sure it’s covered
  3. Carry a Weinke with you
  4. Practice Explaining the work/exercise make it simple
  5. and easy to understand

For example “are you in groups of 3 OR 3 groups” there’s a difference

  • Grinder Style Workouts less cadence for you
  • Do a dry run through for time
  • Start on Time Finish on Time …wear a watch
  • COT (Circle of Trust) – don’t over complicate this … Tell the Pax why YOU are there! What brought you in and what brings you back.
  • If you pick someone else to pray you out it is always nice to let them know before hand
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