The Catamount Complex – Little wins add up!

5/30/2023, 5:15 | The Cathouse | 68°F

PAX: Low Flow, Korver, Ditty, High Life, Pork Chop

QIC: Simmons

At 4:45 Low Flow and Korver took off on a hilly pre-run. Simmons wasn’t finished setting up until 4:50ish when he and Pork Chop attempted to find the first group and set off on their own pre-run.

At 5:15 Simmons welcomed PAX to F3 and thanked them for coming out for his Q. He reminded them of the mission to Plant, Serve, and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. He then covered the 5 core principles of F3. 1) Open to ALL men. 2) Always free. 3) Always held outdoors. 4) Lead in a rotating fashion. 5) Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT). He also stated, “I am not a professional! And to modify as needed!” He stated the credo of, “Leave no man behind and leave no man where we found him!” Lastly, he asked if we had any FNG’s (there were none).

The Warm – A – Rama

Pax completed a lap around the parking lot and drop-off zone stopping every so often to perform exercises. Those exercises were 10 Tappy Taps, Big Ones, and Jonny Dramas in cadence, and finished with a set of Colt 45’s at the Flags.

The Thang

PAX continued the run down to the turf. The workout format was a snake run using turf lines as a guide. There was a starting cone set at each goal line, 20-yard, and 40-yard line, each with a sheet of exercises. Each cone had a cardio and an exercise. PAX would start at the cone and do the cardio horizontally across the field to the other side. Once across the field PAX would perform the given exercise for that set. They would then do the cardio along the sideline for 10 yards and repeat the exercise again before turning to do the cardio back across the field to the original sideline. PAX completed the 3rd set of that given exercise before moving up 10 more yards to make it to the next sheet of exercises at the 20. This was repeated until OMAHA was called. The exercises on the sheets were as follows:

Goal Line1: Sprint/ 10 Merkins, Shuffle/ Werkins, Bounds/ Diamond Merkins

20 Yard1: Lunge x4 + Broad Jump/ 10 Squats, Lunge x8 + Broad Jump/ 8 Bonnies, Lunge x16 + Broad Jump/ 5 Jump Squats

40 Yard1: Bernie/ 10 Dry Docks, Bernie/ 5 Shoulder Tap Merkins, Bernie/ 10 Moroccan Night Clubs

40 Yard2: Power Skips/ 1 Farva Bean each way, Power Skips/ 8 Big Boys, Power Skips/ 10LBCs

20 Yard2: Bear Crawl/10 Arnold Presses, Crawl Bear/ 10 Lateral Raises, Side Bears/ 10 Front Raises

Goal Line2: Run/ 3 Burpees, Shuffle/ 3 Alarm Clocks, Bernie/ 3 Alarmees

OMAHA was called around 5:50. PAX gathered up all the cones and headed to the flags. We finished with 20 toe touches and 20 flutter kicks in cadence, followed by 6 Sarpy Slammers to finish out the Thang!


“Little Wins Add Up”

I was watching the Connor McGregor Netflix special last week and on one of the episodes he was talking about how in the previous camp he wasn’t doing all of the little things he knew he should’ve. The current camp he was in he said all of his little wins were adding up. Jokingly to my wife, I mentioned if I drank some Tequila that night it would be a loss but that I wouldn’t let it add to another loss. Unfortunately, it did though. I fart-sacked the workout the next morning and ended up sleeping past when I had planned to get a start on the cleaning for the day. So the moral of the story is the wins add up, but the losses can also add up. The good news is each decision is a chance to start a new streak!

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