Futurama Backblast 10/10/19: Stella’s Caravan

57 degrees – moderate/heavy rain, lightning and thunder Q: Stella PAX: Pony Express, Slow Pitch, Lifestyle, SafeRide, Folsom, Brazilian, Polaroid, Manscape, Stella.  Stella arrived at AO Memorial Park around 5:12 AM.  Lightning and Thunder rumbles on the drive in.  Lifestyle was present in his car when Stella arrived.  They chatted for a few minutes with … Continue reading Futurama Backblast 10/10/19: Stella’s Caravan

FUTURAMA BACKBLAST: Positively Omaha’s Longest Grinder

9/26/2019 | Futurama AO | Memorial Park PAX: 24 – Honey Stinger, Polaroid, Swinger, Betamax, Chiclets (Respect), Pony Express (Hate), Honey Badger, The Plague, Gumbo, Rice-a-Roni, Brazilian, Twin Peaks, Safe Ride, Blue Suede, Toadstool, Smashmouth, Sparty, Firewalker, Gunner, Clorox (Hate), TC (Respect), Bubbles (HATE), Slow Pitch, No Doze QIC: No Doze Weather:  55.  Mosquitos out … Continue reading FUTURAMA BACKBLAST: Positively Omaha’s Longest Grinder

Futurama Backblast: The Day After

9-12-19 | Memorial Park | Futurama AO Pax: 19 Pax included Tater Tot, Pony Express (hate), Anthony Calcagna (FNG hate), Twin Peaks, Polaroid, The Plague, Honey Badge, Honey Stinger, Toadstool, Folsom, Gumbo, Blue Suede, Smashmouth, Bubbles (hate) Ponzi, The Big One, Chicklets (respect), Tenderfoot.  QIC: Khakis (Respect) The Pax gathered promptly at 5:30 AM with … Continue reading Futurama Backblast: The Day After


August 22, 2019 | Memorial Park | AO – Futurama | Weather – 61ish PAX:  Swinger, Spackler-HATE, Safe Ride, Tater Tot(toot), Blue Suede, Twin Peaks, Wiseguy, Plague, Slow Pitch, Bubbles-HATE, Honey Stinger, Brazilian, No Doze, AP-DR from Puget Sound, Khakis-RESPECT, Trademark, Honey Badger, Dr. Suess, TC-RESPECT, Blue Chip, Polaroid, Phone Home-HATE, Chiclets - RESPECT, Toadstool, … Continue reading FUTURAMA BACKBLAST: The Deuce