Futurama – “Loving Kindness”

Futurama – “Loving Kindness” Thursday, June 11, 2020 Memorial Park, Omaha, NE 58° Clear Skies, Sunrise, Perfection PAX: Othello, Hipster (Respect!), Toadstool, DaVinci (Respect!), Smashmouth (Birthday!), Safe Ride, Brazilian, Wentworth, Samples (Respect!), Pony Express (Hate!), FNG Messi (Welcome!), Tater Tot, Sparty, Tugboat, Lucky Charms, Flanders, Two Step, Slow Pitch, Polaroid, Folsom, Stella, TC (Respect!), Chiclets … Continue reading Futurama – “Loving Kindness”

Futurama – “Be Patient”

May 28, 2020 AO - Futurama 63 degrees; clear; wet grass Q: Stella PAX:  To comply with social distancing, Pax split up into groups.   PAX include:  Grillz, Sparty, Danger Zone, Titanium, LoodHum GUT, Chiclets, Folsom, Samples, Jean Claude, Polaroid (Q2); Greek Freak, Toadstool, Tug Boat, Ramrod, Double Leg, SUV, Huffy, Brazilian, FNG CharBuffed, Othello (Q3); Smashmouth, HighTower, … Continue reading Futurama – “Be Patient”

Futurama – ENERGY!

Temp: 56 degrees, some wind, but FOGGY!  PAX - 27 HIM Group 1: Toadstool, TC (RESPECT), The Plague, Wentworth, Tugboat, Polaroid, Chiclets (RESPECT), FNG - Snips, Othello. Group 2: Two-Step, Pony Express, Slow Pitch, Sparty, Saul, Frosty, Jean Claude, Hooskah, Rancid.  Group 3: Samples (RESPECT!), Grillz, Blue Chip, Brazilian, Khakis (RESPECT), Quick Snap, Folsom, STELLA!, … Continue reading Futurama – ENERGY!

Futurama – Back To The Future! Preparing for the next generation.

2/27/20//Futurama//23 degrees (no wind) 20 PAX: Uncle Rico, The Plague, Ponzi, Khakis (Respect!) Rancid (Hate!), Toad Stool, TC (Respect!), Polaroid, Stella, Two Step, Falafel, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Samples (Respect!) Gunner, Othello, Safe Ride, Slow Pitch, Frosty, BetaMax Q: Beta Max BetaMax gave the F3 mission statement and core principles and confirmed that there were no … Continue reading Futurama – Back To The Future! Preparing for the next generation.