Started with Khakis welcoming everyone including FNG James Boesen “Flo” going over the disclaimer and core principles at the shovel flags. Then a mosey to the steps of UNO for a quick Warmarama that consisted of 15 SSH and 15 Tater Taps – I guess Khakis missing Tater Tot.

After everyone completed each stage of the Grinder and few groups rinsing and repeating – Khakis called Omaha and lined everyone up at the bottom of the stairs and the Pax walked together to the top. There was some concern in the mumble chatter that Khakis had something left for everyone, and it was more burpees symbolic the day 7-5 we did two sets one of 7 and one of five and mosey back to shovel flags.

6MOM consisted of 5 sets of 7 American Hammers IC with a 5 second interval between each set.

COT – that all those fireworks and flags we saw yesterday are symbolic of our freedom and how thankful we should be. Khakis led us in a short prayer and a moment of silence. There were no announcements mainly because Khakis forgot to ask if there were any announcements. I know I am extremely honored and proud when given the opportunity to Q and lead all these HIMs.

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