August 9, 2019 | The Woodshed | Elmwood Park AO | 71 Degrees, Humid and Cloudy

Protesters: Baby Grand, Honk Honk, Khakis, Pony Express, Brazilian, Bubbles, Blood Shot, Tender Foot, The Plague, T-Bird, Firewalker, Gunner, Lucky Charms, OMT, Ponzi, Smashmouth, and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed 17 PAX for an early morning rally against Fartsackers and their horrible national holiday, National Lazy Day. Obviously, no supporters of the holiday were there because it was 5:30 AM on National Lazy Day. T-claps to the six Pre-Runners who really decided to give the middle finger to National Lazy Day. After sharing the F3 purpose and disclaimer, the PAX began a quest to abolish National Lazy Day.

The PAX moseyed towards the baseball fields for Warm-A-Rama.
SSH x 25 IC | Chilly Jacks x 15 IC | Blades of Steel x 15 IC | Leaning Camels x 10 IC | Machtar Ndgiaye x 20 IC | Plank Extension x 15 IC

Pre-Thang: Partner Punisher (15 reps each exercise)
The PAX moseyed to the parking lot island for a partner punisher. Each partner did 15 reps of the following partner routine exercises:

PLANK vs. BB Sit-up | Patty Cake Merkins | Nordic Hammies | Squerkins | Partner Derkins

THANG: Burpee (not birdie) Ladder:

PAX moseyed to the golf course, and did a burpee/hydraulic squat ladder. They started by doing 14 hydraulic squats at the bottom of the cart path and ran up the hill to do 1 burpee. Routine continued with 13 hydraulic squats and two burpees, etc. etc. The sugar rays completed the ladder to 8 burpees and 7 hydraulic squats before YHC called, “OMAHA!”

J. Lo x 15 IC | Heels to Heaven x 15 IC | Heel Touch x 12 IC | American Hammer x 25 IC | Low Dollys (WAFFLE HOUSE SPECIAL) with “Open!” cadence x 15

Bubbles Update on Olivia. Bubbles gave the PAX an update on his one-month old daughter, Olivia. He expressed his gratitude for the support throughout the past week.
Waffle House GoFundMe: T-claps to all PAX donating to the fund supporting Waffle House’s medical expenses. To date, people have donated $7,200. YHC requested that everyone participate at any giving level. Big and small donations are welcome.
The Colosseum Launch. Reminder that the Colosseum launches on Tuesday, August 27 at Westside HS.
Khakis “We have something special.” Khakis shared the sentiments of a downrange PAX from Charlotte Metro. One of the original Redwoods from F3Nation’s origin in Charlotte visited Paradise Island on Wednesday. He expressed how special the fellowship is in Omaha. He could not believe that we do coffeeteria every day. Khakis reminded us to appreciate how special our brotherhood is in Omaha. It is even unlike what many other regions have in F3Nation.

YHC shared what a blessing it is for us to rise up on any morning (even National Lazy Day) and suffer together in the gloom. Our life can change in an instant and this blessing can be changed forever.
YHC ended in prayer, channeling the peaceful way that Waffle House prays at the end of the workouts. We hold up many people in our prayers and especially our friend, Waffle House.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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