July 19, 2019//Elmwood Park//AO- The Woodshed//84 degrees//

Pax: Picabo, Toadstool, Twilight, Honey Stinger, Twin Peaks, The Life Style, The Plague, Tator Tot, Brazilian, Bloodshot, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

Red Bull Warm O’ Rama

  1. Mosey to Spanish pavilion
  2. Butt Kickers, ICx20
  3. Tappy Taps, ICx10
  4. Copperhead Squats ICx12
  5. Shnooks, forwards and backwards, ICx10
  6. Tempo Merkins, ICx10
  7. Mountain Climbers, ICx10
  8. Jump Tucks x12
  9. Indian run back to shovelflags.

The Thang: ’75 (the year Folsom was born) Bombs

Folsom had the PAX partner up and grab a coupon to share out of the back of his Highlander. Folsom had plenty of 45 lbs. and 36 lbs. coupons to choose from. Folsom instructed the PAX if they wanted to challenge themselves to grab the 45’s. Most of the PAX chose the 45, at least to start with. 15 yards down range from coupons were some cones. This is the BOMBS beatdown, the very first beatdown Folsom was lucky enough to experience, only Folsom had to make it his own and Folsom had to make it harder. The partners had to complete 75 of the following exercises, trading off between the exercises and bear crawling around the cones and back, we soon figured out to modify the bear crawl to a zombie walk, well, all of us except Tator Tot.  Blockees (burpees with the coupons), Overhead claps in cadence, Merkins (hand clap style), and Squats with coupons. If you’re a better speller than Folsom, you might wonder what happened to the second “b” in Bombs. Well, Folsom wishes he could tell you that it stood for Birthday, but if he’s being honest, he just plain spelled it wrong. 

6 MoM

  1. Chill Cut: 75 seconds.
  2. Box Cutters ICx19 (day of Folsom’s birth)
  3. Flutter Kicks ICx24 (age Folsom feels)
  4. American Hammers ICx22, 2 sets to get 44 (Folsom’s actual age)

Mumblechatter: When Folsom told the PAX to pick the 45 lbs. coupon if they wanted to challenge themselves, someone responded with, “So the 36 pounders aren’t a challenge?” But the best compliment Folsom could get came during the 75 blockees, when a certain video game enthusiast told Folsom to F@@##!! off.

Announcements/Prayers: The Pit. 7/20/19. Pre-run at 6 and 6:30, beatdown at 7. Halleck park, Papillion, Nebraska. Look to the website or Twitter for the location to park. Prayers for all our F3 brothers battling injury and for those of us traveling.

COT: How a Resurrection Really Feels. The Sky Q has a funny way of playing the right song at the right time. Today How a Resurrection Really Feels, by The Hold Steady, was playing as Folsom finished up Mary and began his COT. “This song sums up what I want to say perfectly. This is not where I pictured myself at 44. But as I look back, I wouldn’t change much. This is my first full year in F3 and I have grown so much. As better as I look on the outside, I’m a 100 times better on the inside. Thanks to F3, I’m able to say with conviction that another year older is another year better. Another year stronger. 42 saw some real low points and 43 wasn’t much better for me, but at 44, I feel like I’ve been resurrected! So thank you, PAX of F3 Omaha, for your support, your encouragement, your friendship, and your love.”

Aye- Folsom

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