AO: The Trident | Mild and wonderful January morning

PAX:  Cheap Seats, Vandelay ( Respect ), Hard Hat, Lite Brite, Roadhouse, Armbar, Blades of Glory, Barn Door, Kickstand, Smashmouth, Big One, Kielbasa, FDIC, Almost Famous, Skipper, Slick, Griswold.

QiC: Griswold

Healthy group of pre runners.  Got the GOAT Hard Hat pedaling through the gloom catching up to the Pre runners. After I got done setting up I ran down pacific to catch some guys running a nasty clip up the hill and went back to catch the second group crushing it.  Nice job men, you already earned your breakfast.

5:30am:  Introduced myself, the AO, What F3 stands for, 5 core principles, mission statement, credo and disclaimer.  No FNG’s present today.  Also gave a brief synopsis of the workout.

5:32am: Mosey’d south to a well lit parking lot for some warm o rama.

WoR: 10 SSH ic, 10 Big ones, 10 tappy taps, 10 cherry pickers ic. Also added a little curb chest superset.  We all lined up on the curb, counted in cadence to 3 then did a merkin.  Odd numbers we shuffled to the left, even numbers we shuffled to the right.  We did 10 of those, then 10 merkins, then 10 alt shoulder taps, then 10 merkins, then recover.

Mosey’d a little east to the parking garage entrance where we did a little two man DORA that consisted of the following: 125 merkins, 175 jump squats, 200 lbc’s collectively.

After that we mosey’d to the south for a 2 man grinder that consisted of the following: first guy runs about 30yds then comes back and relives his partner.  AMRAP exercises included: Burpees, big boys, air squats, flutter kicks, werkins, Rosalitas, SSH, Low Dollies, Carolina Dry Docks, Raise the Roof, Freddy Mercury’s, Alt shoulder taps.

We got to Rosalitas before Omaha was called to head back to where we did WoR for some broga and butt chugged some moon vibes.


Roadhouse stand up

Apex this Friday Titan alley, Mission Forge

Feb 11th heartland hope Saturday morning

Feb 16th brick builder gala

DOA friends mom Mary

Former co worker at Westside alcohol poisoning


⁃ couple items I’m working on
⁃ Active listening. I’ve been catching myself with family, friends and co-workers waiting for my chance to speak or just giving a solution. I need to do better about understating and relating genuinely to whomever those people are.
⁃ Maintain consistency. I’m not a big goal focused guy. The big picture is too hard for me grasp tangible markers for progress so instead, I’ve found that maintaining consistency is paramount for me. Examples: I find solace in being a creature of habit yet I find myself falling out of routine often for many different reasons. Starting and ending my days the same help. Routines etc
⁃ Maintaining discipline, kind of ties in with consistency as well but doing the little things like making sure meal preps are done and ready to go. Discipline for me can sometimes mean replying to a text or email that you may not think needs a reply and also carving time out for kids and doing their favorite activities, whatever that may be.
⁃ And it’s not all doom and gloom, let’s end on a high note. The New York football Giants won their playoff game and upset the Queens of the North this past Sunday. Go Giants! And while I’m aware of the mountain we have to climb in front of us this week, and I understand statistical probability and we likely have a 1 in 4 chance of upsetting a juggernaut, let us cling to hope and not forget what happens when you underestimate a 9 win NY Giants football team.

Thanks for the support today and being weird with me.  I had a blast, hope you did too.

I led us out in prayer.



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