6/15/19|The Oracle AO|Boys Town|Beautiful 71 degrees Farenheit

PAX: See Twitter videos. There were 86 total today!! We counted Bubbles, Vandelay, and Honey Badger even though they just watched us from the sidelines all morning! We also had 1 non-2.0 FNG today, Cheesehead! Welcome!

Q: Two fearless men named Ponzi & Brazilian

Intro/Disclaimer/Any FNGs?–>YES!

Mosey to back football field (2 lines of follow the leader. Each line did whatever weird thing Brazilian and Ponzi choose to do along the way, including random Fire Drills)


Big One’s Baby Shark Workout:

  • First round (slow) the group had to do burpees each time we heard the word “shark”.
  • 2nd round (regular speed) merkins each time we heard the word “shark”.

Split up into two groups for…

Duck-Duck-Goose a rama:


Dads MUST bear crawl away from kids. No running. Kids are allowed to run.


Slow SSH into Red Bull SSH

Monkey Humpers

Tappy Taps

FIRE DRILL!!!! Stop, drop and roll back and forth

Werewolves – howl on the upward dog

The Snuffy


5 Burpees!

10 Merkins


Butt Kicks….then FIRE DRILL!!!!


The Thang(s):
SSH or Air Squat Freeze Tag – SSH or Air Squat whenever you’ve been tagged until freed. Kids vs Dads! 3 rounds total. Plus a few random exercises called by the Q in between rounds

Red Light, Green Light!

Red light = stop and do whatever exercise is called by Q (merkins, booyah merkins!, air squats, burpees, alternating shoulder taps)

Green Light = Bear crawl, crawl bear, crab walk, backwards run, then sprinted back to goaline for the final game…

INFECTION: one person is it and every time they tag someone they become infected and join the it group until eventually its one big mob chasing the last person.

  • This game proved very difficult to infect everyone. The infected tried and we even splintered off into multiple groups and still could not infect EVERYONE!

Ended with a mosey back to the flags where multiple dads were seen carrying 2.0s while running.

6 MoM:

American Hammers x20 IC

Super Crazy Long Name-A-Rama:

  • We split off into 4 groups to make sure we named all the 2.0s. Then met back in the center for a VERY extended Name-A-Rama! 86 People in total we had to get through! The video was 6+mins long!
  • No big speech was given as we ended 15 mins late. Ponzi just quickly told PAX to look around at the 2.0s and remember they are one of the reasons we do what we do and come out for these beatdowns; to be better dads/men.
  • The kids QUICKLY devoured the donuts and Gatorade Brazilian brought for them following the beatdown.
  • Thank you to everyone for coming today, bringing your 2.0s, and doing whatever crazy-ness was asked of you! And thanks to the PAX who came out kid-less and still did all the exercises with us anyway!
  • “Mad props” to our newest member, Cheesehead, for making today your first workout and not getting back into your car after seeing all the kids everywhere! Cheesehead could even be seen playing freeze tag and all of the games with the entire group today.


Ponzi & Brazilian

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