Date: 8.4.2018

AO: The Oracle

PAX: Super Fly, Ponzi, FNG-Warehouse (Robert St. Onge), Penny Pincher, Room Service, Reba, Bluegrass, Roll bar, Selleck, Boom Boom, Kilowatt, Dufresne, TC (RESPECT!), Lemon Law, Cyclone (RESPECT!), Big One, Gipper, Specimen, FNG-Coyote Ugly (Ben Gillsdorf(SP?)), LowMan, Ethanol, The Plague, Thunderhead, Wait-time, Placebo

QIC: Tonight Show (VQ)

Conditions: 68 degrees and cloudy and raining with a chance of collecting 2 of every animal.  YHC has had these conditions during two of three workouts led. Wondering at what my point my name changes to tadpole or rain delay or come next week.

YHC welcomed 26 PAX to gloom. The  mission statement was covered and public TV service disclaimer was conducted.  Considering the amount of rain and possibility of slipping this was absolutely mandatory.  Watch out for each other and yourself. Everyone was sufficiently warned.

The PAX did not mosey.  They completed a purposeful soccer warmup jog that would have made the England international teams of the 90s weep.

PAX were asked to follow commands and sweep their right hand to the ground, left hand to the ground, both hands to the ground, high knees, butt kicks, and… yes one triumphant “Up” for a header.  (Sorry gentlemen, I grew up playing soccer and you go with what you know.) There was some early mumble chatter during the “Downs” which was duly ignored and we pressed on.

Warm-o-rama (COP)

After arriving at the baseball field parking lot the PAX was SOAKED.  Though truth be told that happened when exiting the shelter of their vehicles.

The “Best Of” Tonight Show was officially underway.

1 SSH*25 (IC) – I have yet to experience an F3 workout where this wasn’t included.

2 Imperial Walkers*20 (IC)

3 String Rippers*15 (IC)

4 Blades of steel*20 (IC) – This was new to F3 Omaha PAX and was a #crowdpleaser.  Possibly a future highlight reel.

5 Peter Parker*20 (IC)

6 Parker Peter*20 (IC)

A mosey to the football field ensued where the PAX planked for the six because we refuse to leave a man behind and we will surely not leave him where we found him.


At the football field, the PAX divided into 5 groups and were greeted with the career of Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show.

Station 1: It was a “rocky” start.  Getting Johnny Carson to join the Tonight Show was hard.  NBC spent several months trying to convince him to take the job.  The PAX found cinder block coupons in groups of 5 arranged in a small circle.

1 Uneven merkin left, Diamond merkin, Uneven merkin right, move the cinder block to your right.*

1 Proceed around the circle twice

2 Overhead cinder block shoulder press * 20

3 Cinder block curls * 20

*The cinder block merkins were totally experimental.  PAX were gassed but early #mumblechatter seemed to be positive as this challenged even the strongest PAX members.

Station 2: Moving to Burbank Johnny Carson moved the Tonight Show to Burbank which took a lot of legwork to complete.

1 Lunges * 40 (20 each leg)

2 Squats * 30

3 Monkey humpers * 30

Station 3: Shouldering Celebrity The Tonight Show had become a success and Johnny was going to need broad shoulders to continue his success. Even after convincing NBC to shorten the show from 90 minutes to 60 minutes Johnny was able to negotiate a salary increase. (YHC needs to learn this one.)

1 Carolina Dry Docks*12

2 Cherry pickers*25

3 Carolina Dry Docks*12

4 Alternating Shoulder Taps*15

Station 4: Carnac the Magnificent Johnny portrayed several repeating characters on the Tonight Show.  Carnac the Magnificent would always trip as he stepped onto the stage. Watch those step ups.

1 Calf Raises*25 (each leg)

2 Step ups*25

3 Sumo squat*25 (touch the ground in the middle – Sumo leg lift for fun)

Station 5: Hollywood Walk of Fame Johnny ultimately earned a star on the holly would walk of fame for his work on the Tonight Show.

1 PAX would take a lap around the field and go to station 1.

Omaha! Omaha! was called just shy of completing the circuit two times and the PAX mosey back to the shovel flag for a reprisal of prior F3 Omaha blooper moment.

The THANG (Blooper)

The first the workout debuted it was a wild club version of the song.  In the reprisal, the PAX did Bring Sally Up to the Moby version of Flower.  It was easy. Simply Merkin up with the song says “Sally Up” and Merkin down when it says “Sally down” and remain there until the next “Sally Up”. This brought the amount of mumble chatter to a max.  YHC couldn’t hear it as I was located next to the speaker. PAX did complete 2:00 of the 3:30 minutes of the song. NICE!


The “Best Of” kept on going into Mary.

1 Captain Thor (1:4) * 5 – When this was called I couldn’t tell if I heard cheering or groaning but I’m a glass half full kind of guy so…

2 Canoe and Boat


• Announcements is in full swing this weekend.

◦ Boom Boom is leading a ruck on 8/5/2018 8am at Flanagan Lake.  Grab a backpack and some weight and meet some brothers out there.

◦ Saturday Serve: You can sign up to Serve at Abide’s back-to-school block party by going to their website.

Finally, it was time for the curtain call.  Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama were done and YHC went out on a prayer.  You are made by the God as unusual. You are made for the struggle. Like David taking on Goliath, you don’t need to add anything or reinvent yourself.  You are equipped with all you need. Be encouraged if you are in a struggle that you are powerful and you were made for this.

YHC was incredibly humbled by the encouragement this morning and that so many of you showed up in the downpour.  I was honored to be there with you. SYITG! (hopefully with less rain)


Tonight Show

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  • Can you please enlighten me in the finer points of the String Ripper? A more direct question is, what the heck is that?? Thank you.

  • String Ripper: four count hamstring warm up exercise. Feet apart. Touch the ground in front of you and in cadence move hands back as far as you can behind you touching the ground. 1-2-3. Slower count to get a good hamstring stretch and careful not to “bob” when touching ground.

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