Date:  8-11-2018

AO:  The Oracle

PAX: Placebo, Tonight Show,  SuperFly, Ethanol, Brazilian, Dufrain, Captain Kangaroo (RESPECT), Coyote Ugly, Boom Boom, Penny Pincher,  Rob Porro (FNG Chowda – RESPECT), Vandalay, Cyclone(RESPECT), CSI, Bed Bugs, Curds, Room Service,  Lunch Box,  Coach K, Biggie Smalls, TC (RESPECT),  Pablo,  Gipper, Specimen, Wait Time, Sweet Tooth,

QIC:  SweetTooth (VQ)

Conditions: 70 degrees and a bit hazy.  Maybe a little fog and a bit muggy.  Finally a VQ without rain #lucky.

YHC welcomed 26 PAX to gloom with 1 FNG.  The introduction and mission statement were fumbled through like a first timer reading from his cue cards.  It was reiteration that anyone in the PAX can Q.   We were blessed with two celebrity PAX (Captain Kangaroo and Curds).  We love to see PAX we don’t get to see much or don’t expect to see. I had a good feeling about the workout at this point until I told everyone to mosey to the Garden Center… which Curds kindly told me does not exist and he was interested to see where we were going.


Once we made it to the Farmers Market site (did I say Garden Center?) we did our best to get ready for the grind.

1 SSH (20) IC – I’m pretty sure we did a few more because I didn’t end on a round number at all through this.  (i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20)

2 Hillbillies  (15) – IC

3 Cherry Pickers (10) – IC

4 String Rippers (15) – IC

5 Plank Jacks (15) – IC


At the football field I introduced everyone to a “ladder, grinder work-out”.  Easier said than done.  After pairing up and taking a few more minutes to explain than I wanted to I realized that Qing can be tough.  Then realizing that I wrote down the wrong exercises on both ends of the field and confused the heck out of some I was humbled that communication is so key to our daily lives.  The PAX figured it out before I did.  TY #humbled.

Meet Me Halfway

Partner WOD (but could easily go 3 or more to a group)

Each partner starts on opposite ends of the football field.  One partner starts at the “2” and then other at the “10”.

Side 1

Rounds 10-8-6-4-2 – (3 squat, 2 lunges, 1 knee-tuck jump)

Side 2

Rounds 2-4-6-8-10 (3 Merkins, 2 Should Taps, 1 Burpee) – Burpee can be completed by going down for merkins and then up after shoulder taps.

After each round meet at 50 yd. line for 15 LBC’s (individual or team).  First person at 50 yd. line after completing your round will “plank” until teammate finishes LBC’s then both move on to other side of field and complete the round your partner just finished.  Move down the ladder in (10/2), (8/4), (6/6) (4/8), (2/10) fashion.

At 7:40 I called the WO.   PAX did great.  This one is a little sneaky. It was a grinder for sure as the only rest was “active rest” in a plank.   For those who completely finished you did 90 Squats/Merkins, 60 Lunges/Shoulder Taps, 30 Knee Tuck Jumps/Burpees.


I noticed we had access to a tire so we moved the PAX on to tire flips.  Two lines of PAX on each side of the tire.  We took turns flipping the tire back and forth moving to the end of the line after each turn.  Kudos to PAX for planking while you waited to flip the tire.  As Curds helped pick up my sheets and cones I wanted to give him a chance to lead the group one last time.  Curds is the reason I made it to F3 so special thanks to him!


Curds loves beer, cheese, bourbon, scotch, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  Personally I’d take the other ones first, but we didn’t have any of the other stuff so we went with HIIT.  It’s probably too early but when I Q again I will always include at least 2 minutes of “CURDS” in the future.

2 rounds

30 seconds of work – 10 second of rest

– Mountain Climbers (fitting as Curds moves on to higher places)

– Star Jumps (I thought my legs were going to fall off at this point.)


– Flutter Kicks -25 (IC)  – At this point I was tired enough I know we did odd numbers.

– Cindy Crawford’s -12 (IC) each side – We were discussing who was more attractive Suzanne Somers or the other girl.  I don’t think we came to consensus, but we did find out there is a Suzanne Somers exercise.  I think we should try that soon.

– Box Cutter- 20 (IC)

– American Hammer – 50 (IC)– We like to pass this one on to Boom Boom because he always brings the pain.  I believe my legs gave out around 30 and I passed out around 40.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama – 26 PAX (including 1 FNG) all accounted for.  Special thanks to Wait Time for getting the video for me.  Apparently my wet phone and fingers did not like today’s workout and I couldn’t use my touch screen to open my phone up. #VQ

Our new FNG is Robert Porro (CHOWDA) RESPECT!  Welcome and blessings!


School starting again.  Collecting school supplies for Millard Schools for those in need.

Saturday Serve:  Today is Abide’s back to school block party.  Please go to website to get more information and/or see you out there today if you are signed up.

Reminder to get your yearly health screens including skin.  It’s never too early to get a skin health screen!

Can still order red F3 shirts.  Shirt order open for 5 more days.  Go to F3 twitter page to get link.

Selleck having a baby today!  Congrats and blessings on new addition.  We wish him and his family a happy, healthy baby.  And if she can sleep through the night right away that would be great too 😉

Finally a quick prayer and a wrap-up.  Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement.  It is a humbling experience to VQ.  I am a testament that if I can do this anyone can! Don’t be afraid to VQ.  There are a lot of great PAX to help you out and you can co-Q anytime!  Give it a try! Special thanks to CURDS!  Everyone who knows him knows you won’t meet a nicer, more genuine and humble leader.   As sad as I am to see him move on from Omaha, I know he is moving on to bigger and better things.  Plus, we’ll get a CURDS sighting every now and again back in Omaha. I am humbled and blessed to call him my friend.  Cheers!

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