1/5/2019 | The Oracle AO | Boystown, NE

PAX: Tonight Show, Waffle House (Respect), Selleck, The Plague, Wait Time, Lowman, No Doze, Gipper, Room Service, Specimen, Reba, Coach K, CSI, Ethanol, Placebo, Vandelay, Sweettooth, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Lemon Law, Honey Stinger, Dufrense, Khakis (Respect), Ponzi, Six Shooter

FNGs: Billie Jean (Justin McQuiston), Honey Badger (John Duggins)

Q: The Big One

Weather: Unseasonably warm 30 degrees.

The Big One welcomed the PAX and 2 FNGs. Gave the Mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer.

PAX moseyed to the Farmers Market for Warm-o-Rama


SSH – 15 IC

Squats – 15

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Sun gods (forward and reverse) – 10 IC

String Rippers – 12 IC

Bobby Hurleys – 15 IC

The PAX moseyed to the parking lot in front of the baseball field for the pre- Thang

10 x 20s – PAX lined up on the curb. On go, the PAX sprinted 10 yards across the parking lot, touched the line and returned to the start where they did 10 Merkins. The PAX repeated this 10 x for a total of 200 yards in sprints and 100 Merkins.

The PAX then moseyed back toward the shovel flags. About halfway back, Big One decided to suggest an impromptu set of Makhtar N’Diayes 15 IC.


The PAX split up into 5 groups and began by going to the station that corresponded to the group number. The PAX then proceeded to complete a circuit of 5 stations.

Station 1: 1 Lap – ¼ mile

Station 2: Mt. Climbers x15IC, Copperheads Squats x15IC, Carolina Dry Docks x15, LBCs x15IC

Station 3: Box Jumps x15, Dips x15, Alt Knee Raise x10 each leg, Reverse Crunch x10IC

Station 4: Burpees x10, Alternating Shoulder Taps x15IC, Monkey Humpers x20IC, Flutter Kicks x15IC Station 5: (with coupon) Squat Press x 15, Curls x 15, Bent Over Rows x 15, Big Boy Sit Ups x 15

PAX Rinsed and Repeated. Made it through 2 stations the second time before Big One called Omaha.

6 MoM:

  • Box Cutters
  • Ed Servais (slow windshield wipers)
  • Gas Pumpers
  • American Hammer


  • Name-o-Rama – There were 2 FNGs. Welcome Billie Jean and Honey Badger!
  • Prayer request for Brazillian’s daughter who was bitten by a dog while on vacation. She returned home early and had a procedure done at the Med Center. Her prognosis going forward sounds positive. Prayer request for the grandmother of the wives of No Doze and Big One. Gramdma Do was recently admitted to the hospital.
  • The Big One encouraged the group to “Do Little More” as we enter a new year. You can do a little more at work and at little more at home and it will add up to positive changes in your life. As it pertains to F3, doing a little more might mean going to a weekday workout, adding an additional workout, doing a pre-run or volunteering to Q. If we continue to push ourselves and do a little more each week, we will grow stronger as individuals and as a PAX.
  • The Big One took the PAX out with prayer


The Big One

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