February 23, 2019 | The Oracle AO
FNB Garage (Winter Quarters)
Weather: a warm 30 degrees, gloomy, icy (which meant tons of salt inside the garage)
PAX: Wait Time, Cyclone (respect!), Duffner, Room Service, Khakis (respect!), The Worm, Placebo, Coach K, Tonight Show, Vandalay, Lowman, Selleck, Six Shooter, Waffle House, Crab Cakes, Grease Monkey, Honey Stinger, Hardwood (Ty Franklin-FNG), 
Qs: Crab Cakes (VQ!), Lemon Law
***YHC urges you to read the CoT section at the end, even if you skip the beatdown.
Crab Cakes welcomed 19 PAX and 1 brave FNG to his VQ/this morning’s beatdown. 
Mission statement and disclaimer given.
PAX moseyed up to Level 3 for…
10 Sun gods forward, 10 reverse (IC) [Crab Cakes may have done some Moroccan Nightclubs at first; whatever gets the shoulders loosened up.]
10 String Rippers (IC)
10 Abe Vigodas (IC)
10 Chinooks forward, 10 reverse (IC)
10 Copperhead squats (IC)
20 SSHs(IC)
PAX then moseyed to the other side of Level 3 for…
It’s been exactly 1 year since YHC posted to F3 for first time. It was a brutal beatdown at Cornwallis’ Nightmare (GSO!), featuring a 3-man grinder. So PAX did the same in honor of that momentous day.
All exercises AMRAP until relieved
Top Station 
1. Burpees
2. Dollys
3. Plank Jacks
4. Crab Cakes
5. SSHs
6. Parker Peters
Bottom Station (Level 1 back by the stairs)
1. Merkins
2. Boxcutters
3. Smurf Jacks
4. Crunchy Frogs
5. Air Squats
6. Peter Parkers
YHC included #6 as some PAX may have accomplished that level. Exercises 7-10 were not completed, and will be used at a later time.
Omaha was called, and PAX moseyed to mid-Level 1 for…
6MOM: 20 Suitcases (IC), 20 Freddy Mercurys (IC), 4×10 American Hammers (IC)
On a very serious note, I shared that a coworker of mine took his life 10 days ago, leaving a wife and 4 children. Khakis shared that a good friend’s 21-yr old son had just done the same.
1) I urge you, if there’s something going on in your life, big or small (small can become big), to talk to someone. Maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s a mental health professional, but please talk to someone.
2) Tonight Show pressed the PAX to not walk around with our heads in our phones. Be aware of people around you, and you will find an opportunity to serve, as The Plague was able to do other day. 
3) If you, or someone you know, needs counseling, reach out to Hootenanny, Honey Badger, or my wife. All are mental health professionals, and can either help, or refer you to someone who can. 
TAPs for Six Shooter, who asked for prayers for him and his wife as they go through a rough time. 
(PAX – we always need to work on our marriage; see #3 above if you need some extra help) 
YHC led the group out in prayer.
Brothers, it was a privilege to lead you again.
Lemon Law
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