Embrace the Suck: The Octagon 2/13/23
Pre Runners/ Ruckers: Black Flag, Z-Bo, Hooah, Bobsled
Pax in Attendance: Bobsled, BetaMax, Z-Bo, Tuner, Khakis (Respect), Hooah (Respect), BlackFlag, Golden Pike, Lansbury, Toadstool, Ice T, & Slow Pitch
QIC: Shingles
QIC greeting Pax promptly at 0530 to begin the time. 5 core principles, Mission statement, creedo, and disclaimer were all covered. No FNGs.
While waiting for some Murphers to catch up, remaining Pax did a lap to warm up.
After completion of the lap, QIC welcomed everyone to the Suck. We split into 2 groups. Group one would begin by doing another lap on track. Group 2 would begin list of exercises. Track work would be push group and switch.
List of exercises are as follows: 3 Burpees
35 Merkins
20 SSHs
35 WW2 situps
20 SSHs
35 Hydraulic Squats (Note: QIC got confused thinking these were Copperhead Squats .Thanks to Slow Pitch for keeping us honest and not changing it. What is written is what is done.)
20 SSHs
4 Burpees
35 Carolina Dry Docks
20 SSHs
35 – Oh Yeahs IC (last one gets a Sat Nite Blast Off – 15 sec hold and countdown)
20 SSHs
35 Mountain Climbers
20 SSHs
Rinse and Repeat
Pax kept moving until 0608.
Prayers/ Announcements: Chris Gradoville (Nugent)Community Leaders Scholarship Event Thursday & Free to Bleed Friday. BetaMax Valentines Day Q at Colosseum. Khakis Cafe Open for Coffee. Prayers for IceT’s Coworker Ryan and loss of his wife, prayers for High schooler named Ryan who passed away from Cancer, lots of younger people losing mental battle(s).
I called today Embracing the suck because I knew going into today that it was going to suck. I purposefully listed a bunch of exercises that I dont like doing, plus running. Over this fall and winter season, I have grown lax about being disciplined in my health and fitness goals. Today was a stopping point of that. I know that I’ve lost some of my stamina and endurance, so its going to suck either way to get back into a rhythm. Might as well face it head on and embrace

the suck. I did apologize to Khaki for breaking that #1 rule of “Dont Q it if you cant do it.” It was hard. It sucked. The upside is that it does not last forever, and its usually more of the mental battle that trips me up. I also wanted to recognize my M, whose birthday just happens to be today. She graciously stays home with six (yes, 6) kids and puts up with sucky stuff all the time. Yet she doesn’t complain, just pushes through it. She is an example for me.
Embracing the suck sucks, but pushing through it has its rewards. Recognize those people who are embracing the suck, and let them know how much you appreciate them.

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