01/16/2023 AO: The Octagon  Weather: 48, Moist

PAX: Lansbury, Canadian Bacon, Toadstool, Bloodshot, Spacebar, Vanilla Ice, Golden Pike, Samples, Tuner, Folsom, Hoo-ah, Khakis

QIC: Rollbar

Tell me a better way to start one’s birthday than leading a pack of HIM in the Gloom? I’ll wait.

Nothing. It’s always an honor to bring a beatdown to a group of men that I respect so damn much, and what a bunch of HIM it was.

This is the 3rd straight year that I’ve had the great privilege to lead a workout on my birthday, and I’ve always tried to make it an extra tough workout. This year was no different, though that was not entirely intentional…I am either really bad at math or I was just not fully engaging my brain when I wrote the original layout for this beatdown. It’s too damn embarrassing to put into print, but if you ask someone that was there they can tell you. 

A last-second realization of my error allowed me to actually get to the desired rep count, but YHC didn’t reselect the exercises, so what was going to be a solid beatdown morphed into a snot-woggling monstrosity that had several PAX cussing me. Hell, I may have cussed myself a good bit. Oh well, we all survived. 

The welcome, intro, Core Principles, and disclaimer were given and we headed out to get this thing going.

Mosey to the back lot.


  • Abe Vigoda (The REAL Abe Vigodas) x 15IC
  • Don Quixote (Also *incorrectly* known as Abe Vigodas) X15 IC
  • Cherry Pickers x25IC
  • Sun Gods x12IC each way
  • Chinooks x12IC each way

Mosey back to the football field.

The Thang

YHC had 3 stations planted around the track, with a list of exercises to be repeated at each station for 15 reps (totaling 45 reps per lap). Each lap was a new exercise.

  • Burpees
  • Hydro Squats
  • Kraken Burpees
  • Alarm Clocks

There were a few exercises left on the list, when Omaha was called, rest assured everyone got their work in! 

6 Minutes of Mary

  • Big Boys x25
  • Sweat angels x10IC
  • American Hammers, Rancid style


Year 44 AAR

Last year saw me at the most physically fit I’ve ever been after training hard for GrowRuck Northwest Arkansas. It also saw me battling the Flux pretty seriously later in the year, I ended the year Fartsacking way too often and not tending my Queen well, the result was my heaviest weigh-in since joining F3. In spite of the flux, and the less-than-ideal weight I did stay active with my ShieldLock and remained in a pretty good mental state through some stressful times.

The beauty of F3, and even more importantly, ShieldLock is that you have guys to lean on when the Flux really hits, they’ll push you when needed, and lift you up when you’re struggling. 

My suggestion to every man, is to find a couple of dudes to share the deep stuff with, allow them to hold you accountable, and live with Candor with them. It is the way we can really accelerate, even through the Flux.

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