28 June 2018 / The Maize / 20194 D ST

AO: Copperfields Park (“It’ll beat the Dickens out of you!”)

PAX: Dufresne (not the Dufresne from the movie), Crab Cakes, Truss, Placebo, Curds, Rollbar, Ethanol, Geek Squad, Daniel-san, Wait Time, Headliner, Penny Pincher, Just For Men (FNG-Matt Hornig), TC, Boom Boom, Lemon Law

Welcome FNG: Matt Hornig (Just for Men)

QIC: Lemon Law

Weather: Have you seen Cool Hand Luke (the movie, not the band)? If not, you should. Paul Newman is pretty great in it. And of course, you get to hear, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Anyway, it’s about a prison camp in Florida. Prisoners are working on ditches in the heat of summer. That’s what it was like this morning. All that to say, it was 75 degrees with 85% humidity.

Q welcomed 15 other PAX to the gloom.
Mission Statement and Disclaimer were given.

“It comes down to a simple choice: get busy living, or get busy dying.” – Andy Dufresne
As an homage to Dufresne, the PAX got busy living through a Shawshank-esque routine.

PAX moseyed to the far goalpost of the football field (Burt Reynolds/Adam Sandler may have been spotted, depending on which version of The Longest Yard you prefer).
Sun Gods Teetering over the Grand Canyon (i.e., bent over) x10 IC F, x10 IC R
SSH x15 IC
Merkins x10 IC
AAKs x10 IC
Plankjacks x10 IC
PAX moseyed to the Prison Yard (basketball court) for The Thang.

The Thang
PAX paired up with a cellmate. One PAX ran around the Yard once, while the other PAX started the following OYO. Flapjack through list. I’ve heard burpees are big in prison.
– Burpees
– LBCs
– Dying cockroaches
– Burpees
– Prisoner Squats
– Lunges
– Burpees
– Mountain Climbers
– Carolina Dry Docks
Rinsed and repeated for another half set.
There was noticeable mumble chatter about burpees. If the PAX were unhappy about the amount, it’s doubtful they could cut it in prison.

After doing the Thang for a while, it was time to break out of the big house. This called for the Tunnel of Love (only because a pipe full of feces to crawl through a la Dufresne was not readily accessible). Each inmate went through at least twice. Then lots of mumble chatter ensued, and “Jailbreak” was called, as the inmates sprinted for the shovel flags for….

Supermans x10
Windshield Wipers x 10 IC
The Boom Boom Special (we all know what this is; we just need F3 to update the Exicon)

Circle of Trust
1) Boom Boom will have another ruck this Sunday at 2pm at Standing Bear Lake.
2) July 14th is another Abide event, a youth sports clinic. Equipment is needed, along with volunteers. Check out the details at the end of the Bricolage BackBlast (and re-read Wait Time’s words of wisdom).

QIC led the group out in prayer.

“Get busy living…”
After you read this BackBlast, take a couple of minutes to reflect on how F3 is helping you do this. For me, it helps that I now have more energy and physical capability to (literally) run after my kids, and that I’ve met some great HIMs who are looking out for and encouraging one another. It helps that we are group that thinks beyond ourselves to meet the needs of others (through service to Abide, etc). Think about how F3 helps you get busy living, and share that with others. EH them to get out of their sad-clown phase of life (preferably into an F3 phase of life!)


Lemon Law

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