Backblast 7.12.18

AO: The Maize

time: 0530

Weather: 80° 69% humidity

PAX: Boom Boom, Folsom, Ethanol, Specimen, Placibo, Lemon Law, Dufrense, Crabcakes, Stretch, Borland.

Q: Roll Bar

The standard intro and disclaimer were announced by Rollbar and the PAX was off for a mosey and brief warm-up consisting of 20 SSHs and Sungods each direction. In a surprise twist Rollbar announced to the 12 man PAX that B.O.M.B.S. was the Thang of the day (Rollbar loathes running, but was in the mood to embrace the suck).  The remainder if the warm-up was a mosey a few blocks to the location the PAX would be bombing.

Pairing off, one man runs out a few hundred yards and back while his partner is working through the exercises, flapjacks and picks up where his partner left off. B.O.M.B.S are:

Burpies x50

Overhead claps x100

Murkins x150

Big boy situps x200

Squats x250

When the Omaha PAX was  introduced to the B.O.M.B.S we had to call it before some teams finished, today all teams completed it! Great evidence that the PAX’s fitness level has improved greatly!

A smoked PAX struggled to mosey back to the flags for 6MOM (did I mention Rollbar hates running?), after some Aiken Legs we had to call it (3MOM was enough for today!), no Sweat Angels or American Hammers today. 😣


Don’t forget that we are helping with the Abide sports camp on Saturday. Selleck has emailed and tweeted all the info.

Boom Boom and Rollbar are running in the Warrior Dash on Saturday as well, there may be spaces still available if you care to join in. We’re signed up for the 11:45 group.

Rollbar offered up a prayer for inspired leadership in all facets of life for the PAX and for a productive day and then dismissed the PAX to their day.

Be blessed,

Roll Bar


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