8-9-18 0530 Weather: 70° 80% humidity, 100% at ground level

AO: The Maize’s swampy gridirion

PAX: Wait Time, Daniel San, Brazilian, Specimen, Ethanol, TC, Thunderhead, Crab Cakes, Tonight Show

Q:  Rollbar

After the requisite welcome, mission statement and disclaimer Rollbar announced that the PAX had suffer the last football free weekend of the year, to celebrate Rollbar had laid out a suicide style workout on the ever soggy football field of the Maize.

Mosey to the far goalposts for Warmorama.

SSH x20

Sungods x15

Abe Vigoda

Thang: Gridiron Grind (Suicides)

Al Gore 4 count squats on the goal line

Sprint to 25 yard line: Burpies x25

Sumo Squats x25 on the goal line

Sprint to 50 yard line: Alternating Shoulder tap Murcins x50

Lunges the width of the field on the goal line

Sprint to far 25 yard line: Divebombers x25

Al Gore on the goal line

Sprint to far goal line: Big boy situps x50

Squats on the goal line

Bear crawl to the 25 Yard line

25 Merkins

Plank combo on the goal line

Sprint to the end zone

TD celebration: 7 Burpies!


Gas Pumps x25

Sweat Angels x15

American Hammers x40 counted out ever so encouragingly by TC.

Rollbar closed with a prayer, thankful for the men who show up in the gloom and the leadership they bring to their families and the community.

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