Thursday, August 10th, 2018 0530-0615

Pax:  Ethanol, Tonight Show, Thunder Head, Daniel San, Roll Bar, Placebo

QiC : Placebo/Ethanol

As I woke from my slumber, I reflected back on my realization that each day is a gift.  We are often faced with adversity in our lives,  the challenges that we endure at F3 are part of the foundation of strength that we draw from to overcome it.  Once again, we were blessed with a perfect day… calm and 70 to start… but the storm was brewing!  After the intro/disclaimer, we jumped right into the THANG.



Placebo is a busy man… a jetsetter if you will.  This gives him a fair amount of time alone with his brain… scary thought.  In his travels, he must have stumbled onto Death By Burpee.  A fun filled run, with some pitstops along the way.  At each stop,6 total, we conducted the following exercises… then we ran…  After this one, I think that I am going to get him a subscription to a book club or something.

5 Burpees- OYO  10 Air Squats—IC

4 Burpees—OYO  10 Merkins—IC

3 Burpees—OYO  10 Jack-Squats

2 Burpees—OYO  10 BBS

1 Burpee—OYO  30 Second Plank

6MOM:  The last set of DBB took the place of 6MOM this morning.

Circle of Trust:

COT was led by Ethanol…

Announcements: ABIDE Block Party is this weekend.  You can sign up to volunteer hereà

Come out and support Sweet Tooth on his VQ at The Oracle… 0700 Boys Town AO

Close:  Ethanol closed out with a prayer.  A reminder for everyone to leave things better than they were when they got there.  Anything is possible with hard work and determination.


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