February 21, 2019 | The Maize | Copperfield AO
PAX: Khakis, Chaz, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Crab Cakes, Point Break, The Plague, Ethanol, Placebo, Tonight Show, Folsom,
Q: Waffle House
 12°- snow under foot- air clear
At 5:30:19 a.m. a restless PAX bull rushed YHC. Locking with one pair of hungry eyes, then a another; still a third, YHC quickly set down a mini sized orange safety cone. This caused the HIM to revert to milling & mumbling like a flock of sheep seeking shelter from the gloom.
Disclaimer was given. YHC quickly shouted an explanation of how Pareto’s 80/20 rule helps us prioritize our decisions, before a circle in name only formed, and the hungry eyes reappeared.  An attempt was made to count x19 for each exercise. Focus on the <20% that can do the most good.
T-laps to the 5:00 a.m. running  crew!
Warm-O-Rama: …Sun Gods x19 front/back, Overhead Arm Clap x19, Seal clap x19, SSH x19,  Mosey around the parking lot to test the street surface.
THANG 1: Venn Diagram x19  (Placebo did an impressive IC impersonation of Tonight Show- T-CLAPS)(The plague patiently elucidated why a vertical pickle pusher can always be improved, illustrated with commentary and examples from Folsom and Tator Tot, T-CLAPS) 
Plank-SSH- Plank Jack,  Air Squats- Bobby Hurley- Monkey Humper, High Knees- Plank- Mountain Climbers, Al Gore- Chinooks- swedgeee (snuffies).
Find a partner and Pattycake Merkin x19 IC.
THANG 2: Got your back. (Mumble chatter)
Omaha lunge: 2 lines make one lap around the parking lot.  Lunge 19 count then 5 merkins. Those at the end of the line burpee until merkins are done and sprint to front of line.
Al Gore howlers. Partner up, Al Gore back to back. Take turns counting down from 20 until howling prevails.
Turkish get up/ burpee wind sprints.  Due to the icy conditions this exercise was modified to slow everyone down on the icy street.
Mary: Box Cutters x19, Low Dolly x19, Flutter Kicks x19, American Hammer x10, 10 count around the circle. (T-CLAPS to Crab Cakes for injecting inspiring IC energy 90% through.)
Count & Name-A-Rama
Announcements / Prayers:
Tator Tot shared that family member William, passed away from a 2 year battle with cancer. Folsom shared updates from sun shine bazooka @sicnarf777 .  Thanks to all for helping YHC F3.
Closing prayer, Aye- Waffle House
Coffee at agreed upon, and fully mapped location.
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