AO’s – Futurama, Woodshed, Cornhusker Handicap/Heavy, The District (pop up at Westside HS), and Paradise Island

PAX: 27 –Biggie Smalls, The Big One, Lowman, Brazilian, Borland, Folsom, The Plague,  Saul, Tater Tot in the Bruiser Cruiser, FDIC, Wait Time, No Doze, Rollbar, Hardhat, Trademark, Safe Ride, OMT, The Lifestyle (Hate), Honey Stinger, Honey Badger, Khakis (Respect), Blue Suede, Ponzi, Bubbles (Hate), Ethanol, Greek Freak, Sasquash 

QICs:  The Big One, No Doze, Folsom, Tater Tot

Weather:  55 degrees, cloudy, humid, and a headwind for the last 5 miles. 

While the Plague and Biggie tried to talk Honey Badger into joining them for the 4 mile EC run from Paradise, YHC arrived at 5:15, planted a shovel flag on the Island, and waited for the Pax to clown car over to Futurama.  Honey Badger politely declined the offer (T-Claps to Plague and Biggie for being the most completely stupid Pax!), and he and roughly a dozen or so other Pax made their way with YHC and Big One over to the launch. Lots of mumblechatter en route to Futurama, with most realizing they had to run twice the distance we were driving.  Also, found out that YHC’s M told other M’s how happy she was that I was doing this . . . because she might kill me if I reviewed the CSAUP map one more time.

At Futurama, Pax circled up at the colonnade flagpole.  Mission statement and credo given by YHC. Disclaimer provided, with emphasis, since Pax were in for 2 and half hours of pain.  Stressed that CSAUP is about the 2nd F – Fellowship.


Remain at the colonnade for Warm-o-Rama led by The Big One:



-String Rippers

-Tater Tots

-Copperhead Squats


-High Knees   

The PAX then made their way across the Dodge Street pedestrian bridge, east to Happy Hollow Blvd., and into Elmwood park a full 2 minutes early to the Woodshed for a No Doze beatdown. 

-Redbull Smurfjacks – 20 IC

-5 merkins/10 burpees – EMOM for 4 minutes

-One minute zombie walk

-15 hand release merkins – EMOM for 3 minutes

-One minute zombie walk

-5 merkins/10 burpees – EMOM for 4 minutes (Lowman: “Is he f—-g serious?)

Despite a few Pax threatening to leave at this point, all remained and ran south, though a bit slower than before.  After hitting the Bruiser Cruiser for hydration, energy, and good vibes, the Pax went to Cornhusker/Heavy.  Khakis politely declined additional hydration, however, simply shaking his head “no.” Folsom had the Q and set out some 45-lb coupons and a couple of market-fresh Weinkes for a mini Ring of Fire. 

2 men did the farmer’s walk while the rest of the PAX did the exercises AMRAP together except for the Pull Ups, which were OYO, switching exercises each time the 2 men completed the farmer’s walk. We got through the list twice.  No one was very happy about the pull ups. 

  1. 40 yard Farmer’s Walk (45 lbs. Coupons)
  2. Pull Ups
  3. Dips
  4. Parker Peters
  5. People’s Chair with Cherry Pickers
  6. Derkins
  7. Bench Gas Pumpers
  8. Step Ups

            Mumble Chatter:  “I don’t know if you noticed, but they are small, and they stick out.”  Bubbles re: his nipples.

            The Pax then set off on the longest leg of the Bull, 2.5 miles, all uphill, in a headwind.  While most Pax hit The Interlude for more smiles, high-fives, terrible tasting protein bars, and jungle juice courtesy of Bruiser, Khakis again politely declined, and ran by, waiving away the cool drinks and tasty treats. The Pax gathered for a pop-up AO at Westside led by Tater Tot. 

The 66

-15 hand release merkins

-30 monkey humpers IC

-15 hand release merkins

-30 monkey humpers IC

-15 hand release merkins

-30 LBC IC

-15 hand release merkins IC

-30 LBC IC

-15 hand release merkins

-6 monkey humpers IC

-6 hand release merkins IC


-66 seconds of chillcut hold

-66 seconds of reverse plank

-66 yards of bear crawl

-6 burpees

            Mumblechatter:  “Is that Tenderfoot?”  “Is that Stella?”

            The Pax then set off for another uphill run into a headwind to Paradise Island.  As the Pax entered the Regency ‘hood, Khakis once again passed up the aid station set up by the Bruiser.  “You need a drink, Khakis?”  “No, and no f—ng way I can pick up the six right now” (said respectfully of course”)

            The Pax were in good spirits as they finally saw the shovel flags and could smell the Paradise coffee warming.  Eye of the Tiger played as the six came in, and Final Countdown blared as Big One brought it home with some Mary:

6 MoM

Flutter Kicks 15 IC

Dying Cockroach 15 IC

American Hammer 20 IC

Mumblechatter – “That’s the most I’ve run in over a decade.”  Safe Ride

After nearly 8 miles and 2 hours and 12 minutes, the Bull had been busted.


Count-o-rama:  27! 



-T-shirt order for The Bull will be up soon.  

-T-claps to Big One.  He kept this train on track at every phase and was the brains behind all the whole operation.

-T-claps to the Bruiser for all the support along the way. 

-T-claps to Wait Time for bringing this thing to O-town and trusting us to Q the first CSAUP.

-T-claps to all the Pax who generously helped us raise $500 for Allplay baseball league. http://www.allplay.org/ We will keep you posted regarding how Allplay can best put your donations to work.

Close/Thought for the Day: CSAUP = Glue. 

YHC shared how F3 has changed him over the past year.  Shamelessly plugged Freed to Lead and read aloud its section about CSAUP.  

Brazilian gave us further inspiration as only he can.  A Minivan Centurion if ever there was.

Plague closed us out in prayer.

Coffeteria followed.  Why Honey Stinger failed to announce the Bloody Mary bar in the back of his Subaru is beyond me.  Next time, brother.

            Thank you to all that completed and supported the Bull.  I am proud to be a part of this group, and inspired by so much that I saw and heard throughout the morning.  Can’t wait for the next one.


            No Doze

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