Date:  2-23-23 

Weather:  7, Windchill -10, winds N/NW 25-35 mph 

3 PAX:  T-ball, T-Party, T-Gator 

Q: T-Ball  

YHC has been under the weather, so no greater environment to take a sinus infection and cough into! —Blessed to have T-Party and Gator pull me through the beatdown today and they arrived to hear the F3 Core principles, Mission statement, Motto, and Credo, as well as exercise disclaimer.  No FNGs.  With the weather, we had to call a bit of an audible as the streets were all coated in a nice glaze of ice, making running on the grass mandatory where possible. 


  • We proceeded to mosey south down to the top of the Atlas street for WOR.  There, we performed 10 each of the following exercises: Jump tucks, high knees IC, butt kicks IC, SSH IC, and Tappy Taps.   
  • We then ran to bottom of Atlas, crossing F street and stopped at the first round-about for second set of exercises.  This included 10 Burpees, 10 World War I sit ups, 10 mountain climbers IC, and 10 Merkins 
  • Mosey continued along 199th Ave to the south until we hit L st, where we turned east up to 198th Ave.  This treacherous stretch would have easily caused dislocated hips, torn ACLs, skull fractures, you name it—however, being the Q of better leaders than myself, we were able to skirt by and avoid any injuries or falls, which was a small miracle given the conditions of the streets and driveways. 
  • The third stop included everybody’s favorite, the dark web.  We started with arms, doing any variation of Merkin for 1 rep, followed by 2 shoulder presses.  Continue to increase by 1 and 2 up until 7/14 due to time running short from the treacherous ice.  Once this was completed, we continued mosey through the elementary school fields down the grass hill back to 199th street and backtracked our route. Once YHC realized we were going to run short on time, we continued our run/walk/shuffle/skate back to the flags, traversing various alfalfa fields/grassy knolls to arrive at the flags and complete the dark web, addressing the abs.  This included LBCs IC/Flutter Kicks up to 7/14, when Omaha was called. 

Prayers/Announcements: Halfway house this Sunday with multiple running options, check Slack or Dune Twitter page. Friday happy hour Fairy Nectar. 

Circle of Trust: 

In the spirit of today’s title, it is important in our lives to set boundaries, even with those who love us and look out for our best interest or what they perceive to be our best interests.  As I have been meditating, I recently completed a 7-day course that was meant to unlock toxic habits that we have, how to embrace and unlock power habits, and to look out for those in our lives that are setting boundaries on this that limit and keep us from unlocking our full potential.  I have several areas of my life that I want to improve on and feel that I could be much more productive, but if you find yourself surrounded by a loved one or someone close to you who is consistently acting as a devil’s advocate, you may want to consider holding back all of your thoughts and dreams from this person.  You are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for and it is not unusual for loved ones to want to make sure you stay comfortable and happy and not pursue things that have risks associated with them.  Those risks can sometimes unlock the greatest achievements we can pursue and my reflection through the meditation has been to keep an eye out for those people in my life and continue to pursue things that are risky and more difficult to get to where I ultimately want to go.  If you find yourself in the same boat, look for those friends that are encouraging you to push forward and take those risks and hopefully this will lead you to improve your learning, growth, risk tolerance, and pursue goals you find worthwhile. 

YHC led us out in prayer. 


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