ORACLE BACKBLAST: Omaha World Herald Edition

June 29 | Boys Town | AO – Oracle | Weather – 78 with at least 90% humidity

PAX:  Dufresne, Lowman, Honey Stinger, Gunner, Tuna Fish, Honey Badger, Gipper, Selleck, CSI, Tenderfoot, Compost, Blue Suede, Lemon Law, Placebo, Big One, Ethanol, Vandalay, Ponzi, Tater Tot, The Plague, TC (Respect), Stretch, Khakis, Reba, Blue Light Special (FNG), Crawl, FDIC, Smashmouth, Crab Cakes, Tonight Show, Lucky Charms, No Doze, Brazilian, Wait Time, Bloodshot, A Bomb, Cornhole, Truss, Countdown, Captain Kangaroo (Respect)

Q: Room Service & Saul

Welcomed 40 PAX to a special edition of the Oracle as the OWH came out to learn more about F3 and spread the good word throughout the land.  Room service explained the mission of F3 along with the 3 F’s. Saul then went into the core values and gave the disclaimer. It was a hot one so modifying was going to be necessary.  

Moseyed down the drive to the soccer fields north of the shovel flag. 


  • SSH 20IC
  • Sun Gods – Forward 10IC
  • Sun Gods – Reverse 10IC
  • String Rippers 12 IC 
  • Windmills 12 IC
  • Mountain Climbers 15 IC 


Bear Crawl up the hill to get a little bit closer to our friends from the OWH.  From there the PAX formed another circle where they did 3 rounds of ATM’s (7 Alt Shoulder Taps, 7 Tempo Merkins, 7 Merkins).  


The PAX counted off in groups of 8 and were instructed to go to their number to begin the 8 stations of pain.  Only rule was if you came upon the group in front of you to Burpee, Plank, or Al Gore – sweat and bugs everywhere… 

Station 1 w/couponsStation 2Station 3Station 4
Curls – 25 Air squat – 20Big Boys – 20Merkins – 20
Bent over rows – 20Calf raise – 30Elbow to knee – 10/sideCarolina Dry Docks – 20
Overhead press – 20Lunge – 10/legFlutter kicks – 15ICAlt Shoulder – 15 IC
High knees to station 2Crab walk to station 3Hop to station 4Back pedal to station 5

Station 5Station 6 w/ couponsStation 7Station 8
Plank -60 SecondsMerkins on Coupon 20 Cherry Picker 20 ICFreddie Mercury 20 IC
Partner up-1 planks, other does Merkin-10 Merkins for each partnerBlockee (Burpees with Cinder Block) 10 OYOChinook arm circles, clockwise and counterclockwise, 10 IC for each
Homer to Marge 10-(Call out Homer and Marge 5X each)
Plank Jacks-10 ICHeavy Freddies – 20 ICSmurf Jacks 20 ICBoxcutter 20 IC
Partner carry to Station 6Bear Crawl to Station 7Wheelbarrow partner to Station 8Alligator Merkin to Station 1

*Note to future Q’s…a water station would have been perfect


PAX split up into 2 groups for separate Mary and COT.  

LBC – 10IC

American Hammer – 3 sets of 10IC with 10 count rest in between – CSI called out his usual Spanglish cadence, Selleck showed off his French with a solid 10 count of rest but the PAX was treated with the call of the year when Gipper pulled out Arabic – Well done gents!


With the World Herald out to cover F3 and the week ahead of celebrating our independence it was time for the PAX to give themselves a pat on the back.  The message of acceleration is great but needs to be balanced with giving ourselves credit every so often. You are a great group of men and today felt like the day to send out an atta boy to the PAX!


  • The PIT is coming to Papillion – Saturday July 20
  • Patriot games – July 4 – Ethanol is leading at 7, watch Twitter as a there may be another option at 5
  • Quinn Strong Golf tourney on August 3 to benefit pediatric cancer, see Placebo for more information or check out this site:
  • Couples kickball tourney at Lamp Park August 10 – $300/team. Standard kickball rules apply, must have at least 4 women in the field at all times (10 play).  If interested see Room Service…teams need to be in by mid-July – need names and t-shirt sizes


  • Prayers for health and protection of our PAX and their families
  • Coffeteria was held at the AO, 9 carafes of coffee were a little much but Ponzi did his best to ensure all PAX were properly hydrated

Aye!  Room Service & Saul

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