THE Octagon 5/15/23

Drizzly Conditions…53 Degrees.

Q: Vanilla ICE:  PAX: Buns of Steel , Folsom, Space Bar, Rollbar, Tater Tot, Canadian Bacon, Golden Pike, Tin Cup, Khakis, Tight Lip, Landsbury, Slow Pitch.

At 5:30am sharp I introduced myself as Vanilla Ice, the Q Today.  Welcome to F3—Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith!  We went over the Core Principles and let the group know you should lace up your shoes tight as we in State Track Meet week! 

Warm-A-Rama….400 Meter Jog and circled up on Football Field for Side Straddle Hop, Big Ones, and Imperial Walkers. (15 Reps Each) We then headed down to the parking lot and down the steps on the north side.  At the bottom we partnered up for the ……

PRE-THANG!  Partner 1 AMRAPS MERKINS.  Partner 2 goes up the steps (First 12 Stairs you bunny hop).  4 MINUTES. We then switched to the partner at the bottom doing Air Squats for 4 MINUTES.  We wrapped up and jogged over to Football Field for…..

THE THANG!  Stay with your partner!  This is how it went:

25 MERKINS (Everyone together) ROLL the big Dice.  Whatever you and your partner roll, multiply by x100 and that is the Meters you run. Come back to the field…

25 BIG BOYS…Roll the dice and RUN….come back and….

25 Air Squats…Roll the Dice and RUN.  Rince and Repeat this process until OMAHA! Wrapped at 6:07AM

MARY INCLUDED—Flutter Kicks & HELLO Dollies. NO FNG’s…completed Name-O-Rama.


Announcements: Brickbuilder coming up!  Get your teams in. See Slack.

Prayers:  Continued prayers for Room Services’ son as he recovers from a bad trauma injury playing baseball.  Prayers for FOLSOM and GP as they are moving—moving soon and success to this.


COT: I reminisced about my Track Days and state track meaning a lot to me. My 400 Record at my old school was crushed this year and I’m so happy for the kid who crushed it ! Records help us goal set and create something to strive for. “You weren’t put on this earth to simply break even. You’re here to break rules, break records and BREAK THROUGH!

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