Thursday 6 pm Rock Hard Workout

AO: Stinson Park Night Shift

QIC: Bluegrass

The Scene

90 Degrees with a slight wind

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Shared mission, disclaimer and you vs. you / form failure philosophy

Mosey to Monument


Sun Gods

Alternating shoulder taps

Imperial walker

Mountain climber

Abe Vigoda

(rotated counting)

Mosey to shaded area

The THANG – Rock Hard Workout.

The PAX broke into teams of 2. One did exercises while other ran a lap. A mixture of weights and cardio, just like the Rock.

Merkins 20, Tricep Press*.

Goblet squat* 20, Bent over rows*.

Plank Jacks 20, Hammer Curls* 20.

Lunges* 20, Shoulder presses* 20.

LBC’s 20, Your Choice* 20.

Copperhead Squat 20, Carolina Dry Docs 20.

Monkey Humpers 20, Al Gore 20 count.

* Dumbbell optional.

We paired runners with non-runners.

Mosey to rubber tiles.




Freddie Mercury

Flutter kick

American hammer

(rotated counting)

Count-off & Name-O-Rama 

4 PAX Bluegrass, Vandelay, Folsom and Cyclone (respect!)


Folsom’s VQ is next week!

Drinks at Paulies following the beatdown.


Bluegrass closed with a short prayer blessing all those in transition.

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