Heavy Metal Backblast: Happy-Crappy

September 23rd, 2020 | 12 PAX strong | Stinson Park AO @F3_heavymetal | 58° PAX: Touche, Bloodshot, Baskin, TC, Honey Stinger, Super Tasty, Frosty, 2-Step, Samples, Wentworth, Beta Max Q: Wafflehouse:     If you are reading this during the month of October, it is because YHC is a bit slow to post the BackBlast. … Continue reading Heavy Metal Backblast: Happy-Crappy

7.30.2020 – The Sandlot – Knobs VQ & Keep It Simple

These 9 #HIM rose to the occasion and pushed each other to go the extra mile, also added some face shredding BLIMPS! @F3Omaha @f3thesandlot “Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That's why we train so hard” -anonymous Navy SEAL FirewalkerHoneyStinger 8-MileJamBandSchnappsSaluki ZorroCrawl Knobs, in true … Continue reading 7.30.2020 – The Sandlot – Knobs VQ & Keep It Simple

The Woodshed Backblast: HAPPY (1YR) ANNIVERSARY!

8/23/19 | The Woodshed AO | Elmwood | Nice Outside  PAX: Folsom, Truss, Clorox, Bloodshot, Stella, Slow Roast, No Doze, Khakis, Wait Time, Smashmouth, Biggie Smalls, Lucky Charms, Hard Hat, Tater Tot, Danielson, OMT, Bubbles, Honey Stinger, Lifestyle, Baby Grand, Honk Honk, Gunner, Firewalker, Pony Express, Spackler, Chiclets, Polaroid Q: Ponzi Ponzi welcomed the PAX, … Continue reading The Woodshed Backblast: HAPPY (1YR) ANNIVERSARY!

Wild Kingdom Backblast: Welcome to the Jungle… Gym

Back Blast: Title: Welcome to the Jungle...Gym Date: 3.26.2019 AO: Wild Kingdom (Launch) PAX: Khakis, Honey Stinger, FDIC, The Big One, Saul, Hard Hat, Folsom, The Plague, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Honey Badger, Crab Cakes, Roll Bar, Chaz, Wait Time, Cyclone, Daniel-San, Ponzi, Ethanol, Peaches, Tonight Show. QIC: Tonight Show Conditions: 43 degrees.  Cloudy, 3 mph … Continue reading Wild Kingdom Backblast: Welcome to the Jungle… Gym

The Oracle  BACKBLAST: Randorama 

11/10/2018. Oracle AO | Winter Quarters aka First National Parking Garage PAX: 21 – Gipper, Room Service, Gaga, Tonight Show, Biggie Smalls, Selleck, Mayhem, The Big One, Waffle House (Respect), Borland, The Plague,  Ponzi, Placebo, Lemon Law, Grease Monkey, Dufresne, Tater Tot, Wait Time, No Doze, Dufner, TC (Respect and welcome back to the gloom, brother) QIC: No Doze  Weather:  13 degrees, 6 degree wind chill.  Once again, basically perfect weather for … Continue reading The Oracle  BACKBLAST: Randorama 

The Maize Backblast: Halloween Hangover

https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPp6UnP6KTm_XiwVA6DcnxnT9qq7LyDxgGh3qgWWiheK7sg5p0zwR1mw4L4QXfTzg/photo/AF1QipMqr1nIikdi76cMyYtC7hKpvnpv3xJtoCTCogtu?key=ZjNPNVpfX0E0dThKV1dvcDNfZXVwajJVLXc5ejdn Halloween Hangover- 54° & no wind- PAX of 6 @Maizef3 - Dufresne  Stretch @joe_ethanol @ChadBrough @f3Rollbar @DougWhi66079059 Warm-O-Rama Mosey to BBall court, 2 laps- SSH x20 IC | Windmills x15 IC | Cotton pickers x15 IC | Failure to launch x? | Sun gods x15 F-R IC 1. Sorting my sweets: Dead man carry … Continue reading The Maize Backblast: Halloween Hangover

The Oracle Backblast: Lowman’s Playlist on the Playground

10/6/2018 BOYS TOWN AO – The Oracle  PAX:  CSI, Bluegrass, Reba, Dufner, Gipper, Cyclone, Waffle House, Thunderhead, Hard Hat, Kilowatt, Tatertot, The Plague, Dufresne, TC, Wait Time, Truss, Specimen, Vandelay, Placebo, Short STack, Compost, Meatball, Lowman  QIC: Lowman Welcomed 23 PAX to a cool 45° morning at The Oracle. Upon reminding all that he is … Continue reading The Oracle Backblast: Lowman’s Playlist on the Playground

The Oracle Backblast: The Dark Side of the Wall

The Oracle AO PAX: No Doze, Vandalay, Daniel-San, Brazilian, Thunderhead, Lemon Law, FNG-The Plague (Brandon Fleharty), Tonight Show, Lowman, Room Service, CSI, Borland, Reba, Selleck, Coop, BiggieSmalls, Bluegrass, The Big One, FNG-Buckeye (Blake Martin), TC, FNG-Cyclone "RESPECT" (Michael Walenta), Sweet Tooth, Wait Time. Q: Wait Time Boyhood wisdom says every boy who listens to music … Continue reading The Oracle Backblast: The Dark Side of the Wall

Stinson Park launches with 2 FNGs

PAX: Selleck, Curds, Brazilian, Headliner, Boom-Boom. Welcome: Crafty (Jeff Peterson) and Dial-Up (Dan Vining). QIC: Wait Time After Wait Time welcomed our two FNGs and Selleck elected to show up after the mosey we did Warm-A-Rama. Warm-A-Rama: Introduced some new exercises preparing for the THANG.  Side Straddle Hop (SSH), Imperial Walker, Don Quixote, Shoulder Taps, Crab Cakes … Continue reading Stinson Park launches with 2 FNGs

F3Omaha Launch Backblast

Welcome: Selleck, Curds, Bluegrass, Placebo, Brazilian, Headliner, Boom-Boom, I-Beam, Headliner, Big Sky, Penny Pincher, Lebowski, Speed Dial, Tonight Show, Specimen, Blackboard, Bartman, Pinkmon, Lemon Law, No Doze, Roll Bar, Ethanol, Reba, Bubba Gump. After Sacked oriented the PAX to F3's Mission, Credo and Principles, the PAX moseyed through the Boys Town campus for Warm-A-Rama. Warm-A-Rama: Side … Continue reading F3Omaha Launch Backblast