“We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot. Drink up me ‘earties, yo ho, yo ho, an F3 life for me!”

F3 Maize

PAX:  16 – Moufasa, Lorax, Roll Bar, Barn Door, Hardhat, Tonight Show, Sasquash, Ethanol, Tater Tot, Slow Roast, Placebo, Big One, Thor, Trax (FNG), Wait Time, Countdown (QIC)

Weather:  Ceiling and visibility was medium, temperature 54 degrees, and grass was all kinds of good

Warm-a-rama (cadence count)

SSH x20

Merkins x20

Squats x20

Plank Jacks x20

Mission Impossible x 30secs

Mountain Climber x20

LBACs-R x20

Overhead Clap x20

LBACs-F x20


20 Merkins – Bear crawl across Field – Merkins, run back

20 Iron Mikes – Bear crawl across Field – Iron Mikes, run back

20 Manmakers – Bear crawl across Field – Manmakers, run back

20 Smurfjacks – Bear crawl across Field – Smurfjacks, run back

20 Wide Arm Merkins – Bear crawl across Field – 20 Wide Arm Merkins, run back

***rinse and repeat for a few brave souls

Randy Johnson x15

Nolan Ryan x15

Flutter Kicks x15

Hold’em x10sec

Rosalita x15

Hold’em x10sec



16 HIM stepped out in to the brisk morning to meet the man of the west, YHC, for the last Thursday beatdown of the month.  At first, the pax didn’t know what to think of YHC when it was time to start.  However, the collective mumble chatter/groans let YHC know these boys came to break necks and cash checks…so we took it to the yard.  Pax wing manned up (ye that’s a thing) and what commenced is referred to in the biz as “the most awesomely agonizing 30 minutes of the day” aka the THANG!  Gotta give props to all, but one special shout out to Trax (FNG) for making the first of what will surely be many posts to come.


Pop-Up AO tonight at F3 Wild Kingdom

YHC was thankful for the opportunity to be with the O-HIMs

F3 Lincoln is going every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Den Hartog Field (DM F3Lincoln or Countdown on Twitter for details/recommend an EH)

YHC closed out with a prayer to be the best men we can be!

Holla atcha boy,


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