Location: Stinson Park

Weather:  crisp 25 degrees, dark sky, bright Christmas lights, strong smell of garlic in the air from the Chinese restaurant

VQ: Cyclone

Pax: Folsom, Honey Stinger, Lemon Law, TC and Waffle House

Disclaimers given as Pax gathered at center of park


SSH – 20

Cherry Pickers – 15

Shoulder Taps – 15

String Rippers – 15

Air Squats – 15

Play List:

RESPECT – Aretha Franklin

Touch of Grey – The Dead

Old Man Down the Road – John Fogerty

Old Man – Neil Young


Pax was to perform descending number of reps on the weights with increasing distance of running between sets:

20 reps – run 1st pole and back

15 reps – run 2nd pole and back

10 reps – run 3rd pole and back

5 reps – run 4th pole and back

Totals – 50 reps = RESPECT

Some rumblings from the non-runners 

Military Press

Bicep Curls


Tricep Curls

Bench Press


Upright Rows

Bent Over Rows

Play List:

Born to Run – The Boss

Running with the Devil – Van Halen

Runnin down a dream – Petty

Run to you – Bryan Adams

I Ran – Flock of Seagulls

Running on Empty – Jackson Brown

Pax completed each 50 rep exercise with a shout of RESPECT


LBC – 15

Flutter Kicks – 15

Rosalitas – 15 – on Waffles open

Play List: Hammer to Fall – Queen

American Hammer – 50 for RESPECT led by TC

Play List: Can’t Touch this – MC Hammer

Cyclone gathered pax for COT and delivered message on the dangers of Tribalism centered on protecting your own identity and uniqueness while embracing the same in others

Lemon Law shared recent struggles with busy workload accompanied by personal challenges his brother is facing and medical challenges with his mother. TC closed in prayer asking all to lift up Lemon Law

Pax adjourned to Pauli’s’ where as promised Cyclone bought the <50 pax a beer, included in the round where TC and Waffle just because they are great (old)  guys. More rounds of Guinness were consumed as we all got to know Honey Stinger better, Folsom updated us on his love life and TC once again brought into question the quality of the Alaskan school system by sharing his belief that wind chill and its calculation were fake science.



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