February 22, 2019|AO – Woodshed | Elmwood Park | 21° F with a real feel of 11° F

PAX:  Khakis (R), Point Break, Cyclone (R), Honey Stinger, Waffle House (R), Tater Tot, OMT, Low Man, Baby Grand, Ponzi, Room Service  

Q: Saul

Welcomed 11 PAX to the Woodshed. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed to the atrium building parking lot.

  • SSH 25 IC
  • Sun Gods (both direction) 20 IC
  • String Rippers 20 IC
  • Hill Billys 20 IC
  • Bobby Hurleys 10
  • Merkins 15

2 – Hey Ya!

The Pax then moseyed to the UNO soccer field stairs/parking lot for the remainder of the workout.  The PAX planked to Outkast’s early 2000’s hit, “Hey Ya!”. For every “Hey Ya” verse, the PAX performed a merkin. For every “shake it” verse, the PAX did mountain climbers.

There was mumble chatter about how much time was left in the song and a realization that the verse “Hey Ya!” and “Shake it” were sang more than the PAX cared to do merkins or mountain climbers.

3– Dora 1, 2, 3

Dora 1 2 3 –Partner up-PAX 1 gets as many reps while PAX 2 climbs the UNO stairs

-100 merkins per team

-200 LBCs per team

-300 squats per team

– rinse and repeat


  • Captain Thor (Up to 4 Big Boys: 20 American Hammers)

Circle of Trust:

  • Announcements-check Twitter at 5:30 AM for an update on the location of the Oracle workout on Saturday, February 23, 2019.
  • First Friday Lunch is March 1st, 11:30am-1pm at Barrett’s.
  • Saul admitted there was no logical connection between “Hey Ya” and his words of wisdom. However, he did want to give a shout out to F3 Omaha’s culture of being welcoming and helpful. The welcoming culture is important because an FNG will post for subsequent workouts if they feel welcome. Further, all the PAX do a great job of encouraging each other during workouts. The helpful culture is evidenced by an experienced Q helping a VQ get through his first led workout. A thank you to Low Man, the Plague and Ponzi for helping Saul VQ this week. Further, aside from assisting with a VQ, we are willing to help a fellow PAX with whatever life may throw their way. These are important culture qualities that we should maintain as we open new AOs.

Next F3 Event –2/23/19 @ 0700 – The Oracle –with Lemon Law and Crab Cakes



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