August 7, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//72 degrees//

Pax: Cyclone (Respect!), Spackler, Trade Mark, T.C. (Respect!), G.U.T., Honey Stinger, Stella, Rick Flair (in town from Lincoln-Welcome!) Safe Ride, Bloodshot, Baby Grand, Folsom

Q: Folsom

Folsom greeted the PAX, made the disclaimer, and mission statement, pushed play on a rock’n’roll playlist and got down to business.

Warm O’ Rama

Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20.

Sun Gods ICx12 forwards and backwards

Side Lunges ICx12

Parker Peters ICx12

Monkey Humpers ICx12

Merkins x12

The Thang:

The thang was a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 45 seconds of AMRAP followed by a brief 15 seconds of rest.  Each exercise was done 3 times before moving to the next exercise.  In other words the legs were wobbly from squats before moving to dead lifts but at least the squats were out of the way. 

1st (Legs)

Goblet Squats

Dead Lifts

Step Back Lunges with a Twist

2nd (Shoulders)

Bent Over Rows

Arnold Press

Up Right Rows

3rd (Abs)


Reverse LBC

American Hammers

4th (Arms)


Triceps Over Head

Rocky Curls (Omaha was called after the first set of these)

Announcements/Prayers:  Tonight is Hump Day Happy Hour, 18:30–?, The Casual Pint, Countryside Village, 87th and Pacific. There is a fundraiser for Waffle House to help cover the deductible of medical bills. Please give what you can. It’s more about the number of people donating then it is about the amount donated. Prayers for the sick and injured were made, including Waffle House, mothers of the Honey Bros and FDIC, as well as Wait Time’s Mother, and Bubble’s baby girl.

COT: Taking a page from Dredd and OBT about stealing an idea that works, I stole a speech that I felt needed to be shared with the Heavy Metal PAX. Monday at The District, Khakis made a moving speech about Waffle House. What we do, being out here in the gloom, sweating our asses off, and lifting these weights is a gift. Not a punishment. Waffle House loved this gift and now he may never walk again. Don’t take what we can do for granted and don’t forget that it’s a gift. Second, if Waffle House’s accident is a wakeup call to you, don’t let the next one be a wakeup call too. Be awake all the time. Enjoy what you have every day that you have it, because it could all be gone in the blink of an eye. It can be taken away in an instant and there’s nothing you can do about it. So live each day to the fullest and be hopeful for tomorrow but not reliant on it for something you should do today.

Aye- Folsom

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