HEAVY METAL BACKBLAST: True Heavy Metal Edition

September 25, 2019 // Stinson Park // AO – Heavy Metal // 60s //

PAX:  Stella, Bloodshot, McConaughey, Hightower, Samples (Respect!), Gumbo, TC (Respect!), Betamax, Folsom, Tin Cup

Q:  Trademark

Warm O’ Rama

1.         SSH ICx25

2.         Sun Gods IC x10 forward, x10 reverse

3.         Tappy Taps ICx10

4.         Merkins (narrow) x15

5.         Merkins (wide) x15

6.         Merkins x15

The Thang

Trademark played his mostly-80s thrash/metal for the PAX (think pre-radio Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Maiden, etc.) through Warm O’ Rama and into the Thang.  The PAX did not seem particularly pumped up by the music, to Trademark’s bewilderment.  Trademark then realized that his music is as old now as Bing Crosby’s music was when Trademark was listening to metal in the mid-80s.  Trademark felt old, but kept playing his music.

The PAX went through a fairly simple routine of two consecutive rounds of back (30 dead lifts, 20 bent over rows), two consecutive rounds of chest/triceps (30 chest press, 20 chest flies, 20 standing tricep press), two consecutive rounds of shoulders (15 overhead/military press, 12 lateral flies, 10 rear/reverse flies), and then one set of 30 alternating bicep curls.  This was followed by 25 LBCs (IC) and an unknown number of Marge & Homers.  The whole process was then repeated, except that reps were slightly decreased, and the LBCs/M&Hs were replaced by Freddie Mercuries.  The PAX made it to a third round, but only got through dead lifts and bent over rows before Omaha was called.


American hammers ICx35


It was deathly quiet, other than someone (Hightower?) remarking that the song Master of Puppets always makes him think of a scene from Old School.  Trademark internalized his head banging to avoid making the PAX uncomfortable, like a true leader.


Prayer requests included Waffle House for making his transition to QLI, and the PAX were reminded of the upcoming run for Lowman’s daughter (Waffle House and Lowman were also in our post-COT prayers).


Trademark admitted to not always being positive about the knee injuries keeping him out most of the last 8 weeks or so.  Negative feelings like feeling sorry for yourself – and then irritated at yourself for doing that when you have so many things to be grateful for – can take you the wrong direction.  It’s important to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do…but it’s also important to actually DO what you can do, rather than just think about it and try to be grateful.  If Trademark had done that from the start (more upper body exercise, elliptical or swimming rather than running, etc.), he would be ripped beyond belief by now.  Maybe not, but continuing to DO what you still are able to do has a ripple effect:  Not only is your fitness maintained; you also feel more positive about yourself, and about your chances of returning to full action with the other PAX some day.

Aye– Trademark