AO:  Golden Spike weather: a clear, crisp 43° at Warmorama time

PAX: Wait Time, Folsom, Stretch, Big One, Dufene, Blue Suede, Sellack, Room Service, Placibo, Hard Hat, FDIC  QIC: Rollbar

Nearly forgetting the introductory formalities Rollbar stopped the PAX a few steps into their mosey to share F3’s mission and purpose, noted there were no FNGs amongst the PAX and gave out the already clear disclaimer, Rollbar is NOT a professional, modify as needed, stay healthy.

After a lap around the track, the Warmorama was ordered up, SSH, String Rippers and Sungods were completed and Rollbar paired the PAX and announced that the beatdown was coming in the shape of his creation, The Wrecktangle. 8 stations were lined up on the hashmarks of the Gridiron of Golden Spike at each 20 and 40 yardline. Each station’s cone  prescribed a stationary exercise and a moving exercise to the next cone.  There were 20 burpies followed by Bear Crawls, 20 IC Werkins and Inch Worms,

20 IC Copperhead Squats and Lunges to 20IC Crunchie Frogs  20 OC, a sprint across the top led to 20IC Alternating Shoulder tap Mercans, which were quickly modified to 10 IC, Worm Inch followed to the Monkey Humpers (20IC), the reverse lunge to the final station where 1:4 Big Boy:Pickle Pusher punished the PAX.

Some PAX, blaming the darkness of the gloom, tried to skip the far 20 yardline cones, but Rollbar directed them back to the regularly scheduled beatdown.

Upon each pair completing a lap they were instructed to run the stadium stairs and return for a second lap.

As the second lap headed into the home stretch the Mumble chatter reached fever pitch with several of the PAX begging for an Omaha call, Rollbar finally gave in and the PAX came to the 50 for Mary. The relief of escaping the Wrecktangle was short lived as Wait Time stepped into the circle and announced that Mary was a single exercise, the #crowdpleaser known as The Steinl!  With that completed the PAX went through announcements, TAPS and nameorama.


NO GOLDEN SPIKE NEXT WEEK due to State Track taking over. There will be a convergence at the Woodshed.

F3 Omaha’s  first CSAUP event will be held on Sunday May 19th, 0600 starting at Memorial Park (Futurama). Avoid the FOMO and be there!

Prayer requests:

Wait Time: mother in law has battled cancer in the past and had some test come back with worrisome results.

Room Service: A Friend passed unexpectedly yesterday, he leaves behind a Girlfriend and soon to be born baby.

Folsom: Stinger Brothers mom Recovery from Brain Surgery

Rollbar spoke about the value of being in community and reminded the PAX that we aren’t ever on our own. The brotherhood is here to share burdens and celebrate joys! Always reach for a brother. #noOYO

Rollbar closed with a prayer and dismissed the PAX to their day.



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