June 14, 2019   Golden Spike

A little rain to start then 65 degrees and nice.

PAX: Vandelay, Big One, Khakis (RESPECT), Saul, Placebo, Lightyear, Stretch, Dufresne, Blue Suede, The Plague, Folsom, CSI, Hard Hat, Novocain, Honey Badger, Room Service, Roll Bar, Bubbles – early.

QIC: Vandelay –

No FNG today – too bad once again as I was hoping to name one. Vandelay presented the mission and disclaimers, and the PAX moseyed to the posh Field Turf surface and circled up for warm-a-rama after a lap around the track.


SSH 25 IC → Windmills 15 IC (Old man) Style)→ Hill Billies  15 IC, String rippers 15 IC – nice and slow to feel the burn  →  Calf Raises 15 on the up→  Stretching on your knees

Pre Thang

Plank – Hold for 30, 20 Merkins, Chillcut – Hold for 30, 20 Merkins


Thang consisted of pairing up and 1 partner running stairs while your partner did an exercise in 5 Rounds.    Alternating turns on the stairs.  Partner exercises were AMRP:

Stairs: 2 leg hop (2x), Single leg hop alternating legs in 10 (2x), Wide stair steps (2x), Going up Backwards (2X), Sprint stairs (2X)

Partner: Plank Hold, Reverse Plank Hold, LBCs, Merkins, Your Choice

Sprints followed: 50 yard sprint, 50 yard jog, 10 count of rest, 100 yard full out sprint to goal line. 


Boxcutters 15 IC → Freddie Mercuries 20 IC → E2K 10 each side → Circle of Hammer (10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest 10 hammer IC.

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers:

  • Another AO starting on Saturdays in late July in Papillion- More info coming from The Plague in coming weeks.
  • F3 with 2.0s Saturday.
  • Prayers for Roll Bar’s Mother- In Law, and Folsom’s grandmother for recent medical procedures.
  • Prayers for my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary today.

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

Happy Flag Day

Happy National Bourbon Day

Please mindful of others and always show respect.   Everyone deserves that at least.

“Respecting Someone indicates the quality of your personality” – Mohammed Rished Sakhi

Happy Fathers’ Day weekend.


Vandelay –                 

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