July 5, 2019|AO – Golden Spike | Burke High School | 73° F

PAX:  Wait Time, Novocain, CSI, Blue Suede, Vandelay, Big One, Brazilian, Room Service, and

Q: Saul

Welcomed 8 PAX to Golden Spike. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs, gave the necessary disclaimer and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed around the track for 1.5 laps and then congregated in the end zone for Warm A Rama. 

  • SSH 20 IC
  • Sun Gods (both direction) 10 IC
  • String Rippers 10 IC
  • Windmills 10 IC
  • Mountain  Climbers 10 IC

2 – Stairway

10 Dips at Bottom of Each Staircase

3– 7 of Diamonds

4 Stations

  • 2 Stations at the 2 Corners of One End Zone
  • 2 Stations at Each Sideline of the 50 yard line

The 4 Stations make a diamond (square)-Split up into 4 groups-Do the Exercise Below Together-Plank until all of the PAX in your group finish the Station. Then mosey together to the next station.

  • 1st round
    •  7 reps of Carolina Drydocks at each of the 4 corners with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners.
  • 2nd Round
    •  14 IC of LBC with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners.
  • 3rd Round
    • 21 merkins with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners.
  • 4th Round
    • 28 Air Squats with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners.
  • 5th Round
    • 21 Big Boys with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners.
  • 6th Round
    • 14 Cherry Pickers with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners.
  • 7th Round
    • 7 IC Alternating Shoulders Taps with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners.


  • American Hammer-35

Circle of Trust:

  • Announcements-
    • The Pit-a new Saturday AO in Sarpy Co opens on July 20
    • 1st Friday Lunch-Today-11:45 AM-Flagship Commons
  • Thoughts from the Q
    • Acres of Diamonds at Your Feet, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Conwell
      • The original inspiration for “Acres of Diamonds”, his most famous essay, occurred in 1869 when Conwell was traveling in the Middle East.[7]The work began as a speech, “at first given,” wrote Conwell in 1913, “before a reunion of my old comrades of the Forty-sixth Massachusetts Regiment, which served in the Civil War and in which I was captain.”[8] It was delivered as a lecture on the Chautauqua circuit prior to his becoming pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Philadelphia in 1882[9] and was first published in book form in 1890 by the John Y. Huber Company of Philadelphia.[10] Before his death in 1925, Conwell would deliver it over 6,152 times around the world.[10]
      • The central idea of the work is that one need not look elsewhere for opportunity, achievement, or fortune; the resources to achieve all good things are present in one’s own community. This theme is developed by an introductory anecdote, credited by Conwell to an Arab guide, about a man who wanted to find diamonds so badly that he sold his property and went off in futile search for them. The new owner of his home discovered that a rich diamond mine was located right there on the property. Conwell elaborates on the theme through examples of success, genius, service, or other virtues involving ordinary Americans contemporary to his audience: “dig in your own backyard!”

Next F3 Event –7/6/19 @ 0700 – The Oracle –with Vandelay and Safe Ride



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