August 22, 2019 | Memorial Park | AO – Futurama | Weather – 61ish

PAX:  Swinger, Spackler-HATE, Safe Ride, Tater Tot(toot), Blue Suede, Twin Peaks, Wiseguy, Plague, Slow Pitch, Bubbles-HATE, Honey Stinger, Brazilian, No Doze, AP-DR from Puget Sound, Khakis-RESPECT, Trademark, Honey Badger, Dr. Suess, TC-RESPECT, Blue Chip, Polaroid, Phone Home-HATE, Chiclets – RESPECT, Toadstool, Two-Step, Smashmouth

Q: Room Service

Welcomed 26 PAX to the Future.  (27 Total = AO record). Room Service explained the mission of F3 along with the 3 F’s. Put out the disclaimer to modify and provided a riddle for the mosey

A farmer has 28 pigs and 28 (20 ate) chickens…how many didn’t? 

This was solved much quicker than expected (Twin Peaks)

Moseyed around the circle and started warm-a-rama at the bottom of the steps


  • SSH 20IC
  • Hillbilly’s – 15IC
  • Sun Gods – Forward 10IC
  • Sun Gods – Reverse 10IC
  • Cherry pickers – 12 IC 
  • High knees – 15IC


ATM’s – 2 sets

10 Alt shoulder taps IC, 10 Tempo merkins, 10 Merkins


The PAX paired up with a partner and worked through the following stations:  

Station 1 w/coupon Station 2 Station 3 Station 4
Curls – 25 Merkins – 20 Dips – 20 Jump tucks – 15
Bent over Rows – 20 Lunge 10/leg Step ups – 10/leg Big Boy – 15
Squats – 20 LBC’s – 20IC Calf raise – 30 Werkin – 20
Press – 15 Burpee – 10 Derkin – 15 Bobby Hurley – 15

These HIM were on a mission, each group was able to complete two full rounds at each station.


Plank – 60 seconds

LBC’s – 25IC

Plank – 60 seconds


Room Service picked up a new technique a few weeks ago at a work meeting.  When overcoming objections an acronym to use is PLUS – Pause, Listen, Understand, Solve.  The biggest take-away has been implementing the Pause. Rather than relying on the knee jerk reaction response, taking the extra second or two before responding can change the course of a conversation.


CSAUP – Triple Murph on Labor Day…fun starts at 5AM

Colosseum kicks off next Tuesday at Westside High – will meet near the field

2 club golf challenge – Saturday, September 14; reach out to Ponzi if interested


  • Continued prayers for Waffle House and his family
  • All the PAX dealing with mental or physical issues preventing them from attending the various AO’s.  
  • Coffeeteria followed at Crane Coffee

Room Service

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