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Q: Polaroid

YHC arrived a good 30 minutes early to begin setup. All of today’s beatdown would take place south of center street. Once complete YHC rolled into Cornhusker and was pleasantly greeted by 17 other PAX. We were in store for a great morning. Disclaimer was given, core principles stated and we took off on a quick mosey to the Baxter Arena east parking lot.


Warm’A’Rama was bypassed today as the beatdown called for all time allowed!  Upon circling up in the parking lot we split into groups of three.  You would stay with your partners the rest of the morning.  The Thang was done in a String of Pearls style with 4 stops along the way.  At each stop we would do a short three man grinder.

Grinder One: Baxter Arena east parking lot. Partners would berne between the two stations while other partners completed AMRAP Merkins and Air Squats.

Grinder Two: A short mosey to the bridge connecting Baxter Arena to the newly completed baseball/softball complete. We would use the bridge as our go between – a partner once again sprinting to one end while the other PAX completed merkins and air squats.  Each partner ran 3 times across the near 100 yard bridge.

Grinder Three: Another mosey this time to the softball field parking lot. Stations were approximately 100 feet apart. To go between you would bear crawl while the others completed Big Boy Situps and Groiners.

Grinder Four: Final stop was setup along the Keystone Trail. A short mosey and we were met with a pile of coupons. A curve I don’t think any of the PAX were expecting. Approximately 50 yards apart the PAX would stage. Movement between would be a farmers carry of two coupons or a overhead carry of one coupon.  At each end PAX would complete Alternating Shoulder Taps and Bobby Hurley’s.

Omaha was called at 6:07 and we had a final mosey, coupons in hand back to the shovel flags.


YHC shared a short message he read online that resonated with him.

Our Emotional baggage is filled with negative, heavy weight coming from our thoughts! The burdens of worries about the future. The burdens of complaints about our current job situation. The burdens of taking things personally.

All this heaviness, keeps us stuck and experiencing more of the same. I mean, how are we supposed to move forward, take actions or decisions that will improve our lives, with all that weight we’re carrying around? I say, we let it go! Leave behind all the thoughts that are keeping us stuck and are just not working for us.

Polaroid closed in prayer.

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