7/16/2019. Cornhusker Handicap AO | Aksarben – Stinson Park | 2285 S. 67th Street

PAX: 31 – Swinger, Big One, Toadstool, Folsom, Room Service, Jeff Brady (FNG – aka Simba), Ceasar, Trademark, Stella, Picabo, Flo, Dufrense, Lucky Charms, Wario, Bloodshot, HoneyStinger, Truss, The Plague, Betamax, LowMan, Clorox, Safe-Ride, Armbar, Crawl, OMT, Twin Peaks, Scott Olsen (FNG – aka MaryKate), Khakis’, Tater Tot, Jean Claude,

Q: Selleck

Weather: Raining Mandolins

Selleck welcomed a large PAX and committed to trying to keep the group together. SIDENOTE – if would prove difficult with conditions.  Mission and disclaimer were given. OMT led the PAX to the movie theater where warm-o-rama was performed in view of sad clowns choosing to work out inside of area gym.


  • SSH x 30 IC
  • Windmills X 10 IC
  • String rippers X 10 IC
  • Finkel Swings X 10 IC each leg
  • Down-Dog to Werewolf X 3
  • Upright Thigh Strech X 10 Count each leg)

PAX moseyed from Theater front lawn to Obelisk….50% to stop sign, 100% remainder of the way.


  • Crazy Indian
    • PAX assumed BTTW position on the obelisk
    • Sky Q opened up the heavens and blessed midtown Omaha with extreme wetness for remainder of workout
    • PAX held BTTW (modify with Plank) while 1 PAX member made the trip around the men of balls.
    • After 7th PAX (24 to go), Tot (by request of Big One) sped up the crazy Indian by sending two around the horn at a time.
    • Further modify BTTW with wall-sit
  • Triple D
    • PAX found near by bench or affixed picnic table
      • Derkins – 15
      • Dips – 15
      • Dry Docks – 15
      • Rinse and repeat


Mandolin Rain turned into TUBA-sized rain drops…Selleck led “what the bleep” pacer test (2nd annual) in the pouring rain. Essentially, it was a scene out of the longest yard practice montage.  Nice assist from Twin Peaks with the whistle for coach Selleck. If anyone is concerned the speaker still works and cell phone is questionable. Once a PAX member failed to make 65 meter dash within 2 consequetive bleeps they were sent to the sideline to complete group exercices.

RESULTS – Three HIM were left standing and acquiesced to ending the madness together. A true display of no man left behind.

6 MoM:

Pools of Mary were executed with SUPER 21’s amended to SUPER 11’s

*10 BB Situps/1 Pickle Pusher IC

*9 BB Situps/2 Pickle Pusher IC

*8 BB Situps/3 pickle Pusher IC

Etc…..until flap-jack is complete.


  • Power of positive intent touched on by Selleck; reference to recent article shared at work.
    • Harvard Business Review –  “At work, this means we may fail to perceive the good things a colleague does if we’ve already formed a belief that they’re annoying. And if we’re in a bad mood starting a task, we can easily end up paying attention to problems more than solutions. We rarely realize it, because we don’t know what we don’t notice. When we rush through our days without reflection, our mental filters are on this kind of automatic setting
  • Coffeteria held on AO wetlands to cover sheidlock tool, led by Plague.
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