08/07/2018. CORNHUSKER HANDICAP AO | Stinson Park | 6750 Mercy Road

PAX:  Tonight Show, Ethanol, Specimen, Folsom, Pablo, Selleck, Brazilian, Wait Time, Hoot-n-Nanny, Curds, TC

VQ: Ponzi

Weather:  No idea. Seemed nice out to me! Sun didn’t rise until 6:25am. PAX had already come and gone by then.

Ponzi welcomed 12 PAX to the gloom. Mission statement and disclaimer were given. Ponzi thanked Curds for driving all the way back to Omaha for his VQ. Ponzi thought he heard Curds volunteer to Q for him but turns out he made that up.

The PAX continued forward & moseyed to Center Stage at Bradford Bowl for a little Warm-a-Rama. Ponzi then pulled out his Weinke and looked at it a lot.

• SSH (20 IC)

• Sun Gods (15 IC)

• Reverse Sun Gods (15 IC)

• Windmills (15 IC)

• Imperial Walker (15 IC)

Long Mosey to the park for The THANG.

The THANG: You’ll Never Walk (or Run or Burpee or Merkin) Alone

Inspired by Tammy Wynette‘s “Stand by Your Man” & Liverpool FC (which was correctly pointed out by Tonight Show)

1st Two Exercises put together = “A Princess Tea Party”

**Curds & Ponzi suggested pinkie’s up for each exercise for a proper tea party.

Each set followed by a wind sprint to designated football or children’s toy (Ponzi didn’t have cones) and back

1st Exercise: Patty Cake Merkins (Merkin facing your partner, clap hands on the way back up)

• 20 reps -> then ran to the short “cone” and back

• 15 reps-> ran to further “cone” and back

• 10 reps-> ran to even further “cone” and back

• 5 reps-> ran to furthest sidewalk and back.

Next Exercise!

2nd Exercise (To Complete the Princess Tea Party): Partner People’s Chair with Arm Claps (Back-to-Back chair position with partner and overhead claps counted together)

• Reps and running same exact same as exercise 1.

3rd Exercise: Stand By Your Man Burpees/Plank (1 partner planks until other partner completes designated reps of burpees then switch places. No run in between this one. Maybe next time though!)

• Reps went 15, 10, 5 EACH partner.

• Lots of mumblechatter could be heard during this exercise with a few mentions of how people previously liked Ponzi prior to today. Then Ponzi told PAX to suck it up and get back to their burpees!

• Finish with a Bear crawl to the far sidewalk then ran back.

4th Exercise: Selleck with the assist! Suggested a circle of Al Gore’s in rotating fashion.

First person does one squat then holds Al Gore pose. Next guy does one squat then holds pose, and so forth all around the circle. Increase to 2 squats 2nd time through and on and on. Made it around the circle 3 times before Ponzi called it.

Final Exercise: Indian Run x1 lap in groups of two back to Center Stage for our Final Act.

6 MoM:

• Hands of Time:  PAX formed a circle with heads in the center. Feet start up in the air near 70-90 degrees. One-by-one legs go down to ten degrees for a full circle as we count in order (i.e. 1,2,3,4, etc.). When it comes back around to start, feet go back up one-by-one, and so forth until we reached 120.

• LBCs (20 IC)

• Flutter Kicks (Incorrectly called Leg Scissors by Ponzi) – (30 IC/”The TC Way”)


• Selleck shared a special moment with the group by announcing he almost splashed merlot in the picture following the initial F3 workout. Follow the link below and look at the guy in the far right corner looking straight down at his feet in the photo at the top. – Sorry Selleck!


• Announcements:

◦ Saturday Serve: You can sign up to Serve at Abide’s back-to-school block party by going to their website.

◦ Ponzi will be starting a Friday morning workout soon at Stinson Park. More details to come.

◦ Lemon Law is training for a 5k for anyone who wants to join him on Sunday evenings at Millard West’s track.

◦ New shirt order with Husker red for the upcoming season!


• Close:

◦ Ponzi stole a quote from Benjamin Franklin’s daily journal where he started each day by asking himself, “What Good Shall I Do This Day?” Then he ended each day asking himself, “What Good Did I Do This Day”. Ponzi’s encouragement was to do good even in simple ways through kindness. Whether that’s surprising your spouse in some way, playing with your kids, encouraging a co-worker. Or it can be a random stranger…What Good Will You Do This Day? (link: https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/what-good-shall-i-do-this-day/)

◦ PAX took a knee and Ponzi ended with a prayer and turned in his VQ card!

◦ Folsom suggested workout be renamed to “Puberty” because “It separates the men from the boys.”

◦ Thank you to all the PAX who were patient with me today! You guys are awesome!



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