7/10/2018, CORNHUSKER HANDICAP AO | Stinson Park | 6750 Mercy Road

PAX:  (15—a new Cornhusker Handicap record) Brazilian, TC, Roll-Bar, Curds, Folsom, Bubba Gump, Hoot-n-Nanny,  , Dufresne, Wait-Time , Selleck, Biggie-Smalls, Truss, Daniel Son, Ponzi, Truss.

Q: Curds


Temp: A beautiful 77

Curds welcomed 15 PAX to the gloom. Mission statement and disclaimer were given. The PAX moseyed for Warma-a-rama.

  • Abe Vigoda          10 x 2
  • Arm Circles 10 x 2
  • Side Straddle Hop       x15
  • Sumo Squat x15


Long Mosey to The Thang

THE THANG (High Intensity Interval Training)

20 Sec exercise A, 20 exercise sec B, 20 sec rest (4 rounds each group)

Squat Jacks
Push Ups w Oblique Knee (alternating)

Star Jumps
Mt. Climbers

Thigh Slap
Squats w Front Leg Slide

High Knees
Jumping Lunges

Long Mosey to MoM

 6 MoM:

  • Flutter kick x30
  • Plank/Chill Cut (10 count altnerate x 6)
  • Chillcut x30
  • Freddy Mercury x30
  • American Hammer x30

Circle of Trust:

  • Abide Fellowship – if additional equipment, email Selleck at jaredblong11@gmail.com



The MAIZE, 5:30 AM, 8/12/18

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