Tuesday, August 14th, 2018 0530-0615

Pax: Tonight Show, Ponzi, Wait Time, Folsom, The Plague, Truss, Placebo, Bubba Gump (RESPECT), TC (RESPECT), Ryan Kalasek (FNG Snip), Daniel San, Wait Time, Hootenanny, Dufrane, Biggie Smalls

QiC : Brazilian

AO record of 17!

Tip of the cap to @F3Louisville and Grinder as Brazilian blatantly stole this blimpin good time from their 8-12-18 backlist.

WARMARAMA: We ran to the obelisk, not the oblique.


Don Quixotes

Sun Gods(wax on)x10 forward IC

Sun Gods(wax off)x10 backwards IC

Monkey Humpers

Carolina Dry Docks

SCOUT RUN: The PAX formed a single line and ran around the bloack with the lead runner sprinting off ahead as far as they deemed far enough before returning to the back of the line. Rinse and repeat (remember that theme).

THANG: Blimping Ain’t Easy

The scouts brought us back to the play ground where we partnered up and banged out some BLIMPS on the rubber:

25 Burpees

50 Lunges

75 Incline Merkins

100 Mountain Climbers

125 Plank Jacks

150 Squats

One partner got to work on the reps while the other ran to the other side of the park and back to tag their partner, picking up on the rep count where there partner left off. The PAX powered through the BLIMPS so fast that Brazilian announced to wondrous applause that the PAX would then rinse and repeat. No guarantees but we believe no merlot was spilled.


Sweat Angels

Freddy Mercuries

Planks- Brazilian called out various plank positions and a few rounds of merkins as well. Considerable effort was wasted on counterproductive mumble chatter. Brazilian finds it motivating.

American Hammer – TC took us home with some 7×7

Circle of Trust:

Announcements: Keep your eyes open for news about The Wood Shed launching at Elmwood Park on Fridays starting on August 24. Ponzi is on the hunt for Q’s or VQ’s. Wait Time and Brazilian encouraged anyone interested to sign up for a volunteer shift or buy a ticket for the Maha Music Festival happening this weekend. TC said he’s probably going to volunteer as a bartender (hands down most fun shift to sign up for) on Friday night if anyone wants to join.

Close: Tonight Show took us out with a prayer.


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