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PAX: (13) Polaroid, Stitches, Good Lookin, Woody, Caruso, Asian Zing, Frosty, Sandy Cheeks, Rocket, Buns of Steel, Hooah, Black Jack, Low Flow

Q:  Low Flow


18 – S.S. Hops, 18 – Sun Gods 9F/9R , 18 – Cherry Pickers, 18 – Big Ones, 18 – Tappy Taps

Pre-Thang: Nope, Let’s get Nasty

The Thang:

“Gross” Inspired by Farva: The PAX will do a set of (12) of any exercise of our choosing then take a lap on the walking path around Stinson Park hopefully making (12) for a 12 x 12 “gross”. I had a couple of workouts in mind one involving Shirley but I’m still nursing my Achilles and I usually post at The Catamount on Tuesday’s so I figured this would be a perfect workout.

Omaha was called at 6:07


18 – Flutter Kicks , 18 – Low Dolly’s , 13- Slammers (Rancid Style)

Announcements: Brick Builder get a team signed up! Site Launch IDITAROD this Thursday!

Prayers were said.

COT: Simple Goal(s)

I have made goals in my life some big and some small “simple” but what I have found out with myself is that I tend to overthink the big ones and end up throwing them out but the small or “simple ones really stick and stick for a long time. I told the PAX about my F3 goal which is simply “don’t stop” and try to post as much as possible and it has really stuck. After I told them this we went around the circle without giving the PAX much time to think and had them say one goal for F3 or just in life and man they all had inspiring responses! You HIM are amazing and the Gloom is a wonderful place with you guys in it!

Aye, Low Flow

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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