Colosseum Back Blast –Longevity Comes with Developing and Cultivating Relationships


26 degrees – 5-8 mph winds – perfect conditions

PAX : 26 (27 with YHC)

​Brazilian, Safe Ride, Huffy, Tuner, Marshall, Vanilla Ice, Tater Tot, Beta Max, Swinger, Black Lung, Tight Lip, Honey Maid, Dirty Bird, Ozark (respect), Chicklets (respect), Honey Stinger, Wait Time (respect), Sister Act, Space Bar, Stella, Samples (respect), Slow Pitch, Khakis (respect), Tug Boat, Q-Tip (respect x 2), Alf.

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I arrived at 5:11 am to enjoy the morning. I can honestly say this is the best night of sleep I have ever had before a Q!  There were numerous cars in the parking lot so I knew there were pre-runners.  Khakis and Q- Tipwere running the track as were a couple of non-F3 members.  

At 5:30 am, I welcomed the grizzled group of PAX with the mission statement, 5 core principles, asked about FNGs and reminded them to modify as needed.  I let them know I am a fan of sprinting and core work.

We proceeded to take a quick jog lap for Warm- A – Rama stopping at the NW end of the track:

• 10 Tappy taps

• 10 Big Ones

For the Pre-Thang (or the get warm), we went around the track doing a different exercise every 100 yards.

​Lunges​​Butt kicks​High knees​Stride outs


Time to get our heart rates up. 

We proceeded to sprint 100 yard increments for a full lap.  When all PAX finished each 100, we performed 10 Merkins before moving onto the next sprint.  A different PAX member lead each 10.

After completing the first lap we took a brief rest.

We repeated the sprinting lap stopping every 100 yards to do 10 SSH with a different PAX leading each 10.

We then ran one fast lap to finish.


We gathered at mid field for a little core work.

Numerous PAX lead us on a 30 count in various plank positions including straight plank, chilcut, side plank and Nolan Ryans.  Between each we performed 10 Merkins.

Good chatter was noted during the running and core portions of the beat down.  Slow Ptich and Khakis decided a good safe word for the two of them was Tug Boat.  Huffy and Safe Ride are scheming to sue someone.

6:07 – Name-a-Rama – fun as always although Slow Pitch did not hold the Pitch as long as normal which surprised all of us including Khakis.


• Several 2nd opportunities – check Slack

• CSAUP on 1/28/23

• Brick Builder event on 2/16/23

• Several prayer requests for PAX members


I just read on article in the WSJ about a study Harvard has done to determine the what is the best indicator of longevity.  Participants and those around them have been studied for up to 85 years.  The single most important factor in living a long, healthy life – developing and cultivating personal relationships.  F3 has allowed so many of us to build those relationship with other HIM that may never have happened and for that I am grateful!

6:14: Prayer – led by Honey Stinger

What a great day!

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