Top Rope Backblast: Barnyard Bash 7/21/2021, Top Rope AO  PAX: Doppler, Hawg, Wax On, Slick, Cheap Seats, Speed Square, Mother Goose, Rollbar, TC, Barn Door Q: Barn Door 10 PAX arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer.  We moseyed to the office parking lot to begin the shenanigans. Warm-A-Rama consisted of 15 IC each; Side Straddle Hop, Tappy Tap, Imperial Walkers, Cherry Pickers, and Tempo Merkins We paired up and then headed for the back 40 pasture to take care of some chores and tend to the animals.  THANG #1 2 man Grinder: Pick the Apples (Bobby Hurleys) Frog hop to other cone and back Goat Kickers (IC 1-3 are Mt climbers than 4 is Goat kick with both feet in air) Bear Crawl to other cone and back Gator Merkins After the cries of the farm hands got a little louder, we moseyed back to the “Barn” to do a little cleaning and take care of more animals. THANG #2 2 man Grinder: Monkey Humpers Round the Barn like a Horse (Gallup/Skip) Spiderman (alternating legs) Round the Barn like a Horse (Gallup/Skip) Dying Cockroach “Omaha” was called after the third round of Thang #2. We circled up in the “Barn” to shoo out another pest and take care of the last livestock. The Pax completed a round of Bat Wings (20 IC; front arm circles, back arm circles, seal claps, and overhead claps). And the last chore of the day was to “Milk the Cows”. Circle of Trust: Announcements: 12 in 21 this weekend, Pop-ups galore, Shovel Flag pass on Friday at Combine COT: We counted off around the circle and had the 6th PAX shared a little about themselves. Wax On conveniently happened to be the 6 for this episode and is a new member to the Omaha PAX from Houston. He is back to the Good Life after about 4.5 years in Houston working with/for Hawg at UP. Although his name was derived from Karate Kid, he does not do karate! Aye! Barn Door

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