Boys Town Steps

Boys Town AO 6/9 Back Blast

Time: 0700            Temp: 76°            Humidity: 52%

 21 PAX: Wait Time, Placebo, Geek Squad, Ethanol, Lemon Law, Headliner, Reba, Coach K, Penny Pincher, NoDoze, FNG – John (Coop), Bob Ross, Big One, Tonight Show, Brazilian, Room Service, FNG – Cory (Chubbs Gilmore), BoomBoom, Ponzi, Dufresne, Specimen

 VQ: Specimen

The storms moved through just in time for the 21 PAX to set Burp Back Mountain ablaze with the Ring of Fire. After a long and winding Mosey the PAX arrived at the Warm-o-Rama point on the soccer field. After Carioca (x4) the PAX circled up. Windmills x 15 IC, Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC, and Sun Gods x 10 each direction IC completed the Warm-o-Rama.

 The Thang:

The Ring of Fire burned the PAX for 8 minutes. After completing 50 seconds of exercise at one station, the PAX had 10 seconds to rotate to the next station before beginning the next workout. The burn points on the ring:

Alternating Shoulder Tap Merkins                   Pickle Pushers

Hill Runs                                                                    Monkey Humpers

Flutter Kicks                                                            Squats

Lunges                                                                        Plank Jacks

After the first round of the Ring of Fire the PAX moved to the ridge along the soccer field for Clock Merkins. The rise in elevation on the ridge provided a nice mix-up to the traditional Merkin with 5 Merkins IC at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions.

After one round of Clock Merkins the PAX reignited the Ring of Fire for round 2 followed by another round of Clock Merkins on the ridge. The PAX then moseyed over to Burp Back Mountain to partner up for Specimen’s prescribed burn. Burp Back Mountain consisted of one partner backpedaling up the mountain and running back down while the other partner counted burpees. Only a few groups got close to a collective burpee count of 100 before Specimen called the group to a halt. Another round of Clock Merkins preceded an Indian Run as the PAX split into two groups to make their way back to the shovel flags.

On the way to the flags, Wait Time called for a photo op (above) and Ponzi called for more Clock Merkins on the steps of the Boys Town Music Hall.


Once completed the PAX were ready to mosey back for 6 Minutes of Mary and the Circle of Trust. Wait Time called LBCs and BoomBoom called out 30+ brutal American Hammers.

Circle of Trust

After the week of high profile suicides, it’s important we reach out to others to see how they’re doing and that we strive for improved mental health awareness. We’re all going through something and we need to be comfortable offering and asking for help. If you or someone you know are having suicidal thoughts please contact the 24/7 free and confidential National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Also go to for more information.

Thanks to Brazilian, Wait Time, and Penny Pincher that helped with Abide’s community picnic. Specimen ended the CoT with a prayer and the PAX left ready to dominate the day!



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