HEAVY METAL BACKBLAST: East vs. West Rap Battle

January 22, 2020//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//34 WONDERFUL degrees, snowfall// 12 Pax: Stella, Brazilian, Baby Grand, Safe Ride, Lucky Charms, Othello, Two Step, Rancid, Honey Stinger, Bloodshot, Beta Max, Folsom. Q’s: Stella & Folsom Warm O’ Rama S,S,H ICx15Sun Gods ICx10 forwards and backwardsCherry PickersToe touch x10 seconds The Thang: East coast vs. West coast rap … Continue reading HEAVY METAL BACKBLAST: East vs. West Rap Battle

2020.01.21 – Say ‘Yes’ – Wild Kingdom – Back Blast

01/21/2020 Wild Kingdom Backblast: Say ‘Yes’Tuesday January 21, 2020 | Wild Kingdom AO | Zorinsky Lake | 1 (feels like -11) 4 PAX: Othello, Crab Cakes, Slick, RancidQ: RancidBright and beaming, PAX gathered ‘round the spiritual shovel flag in icy anticipation for a wintry beatdown. Rancid rang the proverbial bell at 0530: welcome, mission statement, … Continue reading 2020.01.21 – Say ‘Yes’ – Wild Kingdom – Back Blast

The Colosseum – Tribe

01.21.20 /AO – The Colosseum/  Temp: +1 (yay!).  Real Feel=(-11)  Pax: Tater Toot,  The Plague (Cough), Polaroid, Splinter (Ouch), Chicklets (Respect!), Khakis (Respect!), Short Stack (Hate!), Waffle House (Respect!), Folsom (whatever), Crawl (daddy!), Blue Suede, Stella!, Safe Ride, Ponzi (late again?), Big One, Firewalker, Weebelo, Blue Chip, Betamax, Tin Cup, Tonight Show, Brazilian, Bloodshot, Slow … Continue reading The Colosseum – Tribe

F3 Oracle Backblast 01/18/20 – (Winter Quarters) – Tater Tot

Oracle Backblast (Winter Quarters) 01/18/20 – Tater Tot  28 PAX took on a -7 windchill like a mid-60’s summer morning and kicked the face off the sad clown to start their Saturday, January 18. These men of F3 gathered at the 144th and Dodge winter quarters parking garage with a smile awaiting a beatdown. You just never know what you’re going … Continue reading F3 Oracle Backblast 01/18/20 – (Winter Quarters) – Tater Tot

Oscar Mike: Trekking through a mountain range covered in ice and snow

January 18, 2020//First National Bank Parking Garage – 144th & Dodge – F3Omaha “The Oracle” AO Winter Quarters//AO-Oscar Mike//15 degrees (felt like –6 with windchill); ice-and-snow covered parking garage, resulting from 50mph winds drifting precipitation overnight.    3 PAX: Rancid, Othello, BetaMax  Q: Beta Max   BetaMax arrived at 0555 to assess environmental variables and received multiple text messages from HIM relaying late arrivals due to ice … Continue reading Oscar Mike: Trekking through a mountain range covered in ice and snow

Rollbar’s birthday beatdown: 42s

01.16.2020 0530 AO: Futurama Weather: 0°, windchill -10° PAX: Tater Tot, Brazilian, Pony Express, Tugboat (toot toot), Jean-Claude, Khakis (RESPECT), Safe Ride, Slow Pitch, Weebelo, Polaroid (click,click,click), STELLAAAA QIC: Rollbar YHC welcomed the gathered PAX and thanked them for braving the cold to join me in celebrating my 42nd birthday. I informed them all that … Continue reading Rollbar’s birthday beatdown: 42s


1/17/20 – Be average in here to be exceptional out there! AO- Woodshed Q- Slow Pitch 22 PAX: Othello, Polaroid, Samples (Respect), Bloodshot, Lucky Charms, Blue Chip, Ponzi, Tater Tot, Safe Ride, Honey Badger, Beta Max, Baby Grand, Two Step, Gunner, Khakis (Respect), Plague, Bubbles, Folsom, Stella, Pony Express, Pilates (Hate)(FNG), Slow Pitch How the Gloom got started:  18 … Continue reading Woodshed