GOLDEN SPIKE Backblast: Captain Marvel Edition

August 16, 2019//Burke High School//AO- The Golden Spike//64 gorgeous degrees// 26 Pax: Wait Time, Hard Hat, Roll Bar, Vandelay, FDIC, Dufresne, Selleck, Tonight Show, Tater Tot, Pablo, Tuna Fish, Tin Cup, Phone Home, Crocs, Kerrigan, Ascot, Big One, Saul, Honey Badger, The Curse, Room Service, Blue Suede, Slow Pitch, Jean Claude, Danielson, and Folsom. Q: … Continue reading GOLDEN SPIKE Backblast: Captain Marvel Edition

The Woodshed – Anger Management

The Woodshed – Anger Management August 16, 2019/AO – The Woodshed/Temperature: A pleasant 63. Pax: Smashmouth, Fire Walker, Peekaboo, Whiplash (Respect! Respect! Respect!), The Plague, Polaroid, Spackler (Hate!), STELLA, TBird, Truss, Lucky Charms, Clorox (Hate!), Khakis (Respect!), Armbar, Ponzi, Bubbles (Hate!), Honey Stinger, Gunner, Baby Grand, Safe Ride. Q: Safe Ride. Safe Ride promptly welcomed … Continue reading The Woodshed – Anger Management

Futurama Backblast– Up and Down – 8/15/19

AO: Futurama | Memorial Park Weather: 62 Degrees Pax: 21 – Pony Express (Hate), Clorox (Hate), Tater Tot, Sparty (FNG), Rev, T-Bird, Safe Ride, 2-Step (FNG), Toadstool, Fire Walker, Gunner, The Plague, Blue Suede, Bubbles (Hate), Honey Stinger, Big One, Jean Claude, Khakis (Respect), Smash Mouth, Arm Bar, Polaroid Q: Polaroid On a beautiful Thursday morning 21 … Continue reading Futurama Backblast– Up and Down – 8/15/19

Golden Spike Backblast: 40 Minutes of Hell

August 9, 2019|AO – Golden Spike | Burke High School | 68° F  PAX:  Novocaine, Jean Claude, Selleck, The Curse, Wonka (FNG), Tonight Show, Slow Roast, Honey Badger, Hard Hat, Slow Pitch,  FDIC, Blue Suede, and Saul Q: Saul Welcomed 12 PAX to Golden Spike. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs, gave the necessary disclaimer … Continue reading Golden Spike Backblast: 40 Minutes of Hell