VQ 6-7 (1)A

AO: Boys Town , June 2, 2018 0700-0800

Temp: 70  Weather: Sunny

Welcome 2 FNGs: The Big One (Matt Garland) [#F3Name everyone will be asking about], Spinal Tap (Jeremy Chaney)

PAX: No Doze, Lebowski, Selleck, Room Service,  Coach K, Reba, Curds, Wait Time, Tonight Show, Bluegrass, Specimen, Headliner, Sweet Tooth and Rollbar.

Q: Rollbar (VQ) Jared Hensley

After a short Mosey the Warm-o-rama consisted of:

Sungods- x10 (full disclosure, I called them out as Windmills and intended them to be. #VQproblems)
Pickle Pushers x10
Side Straddle Hop x10



The PAX then made a Mosey to the football field for the Thang where they encountered the Wrecktangle!

The circuit was 8 stations with a stationary exercise (x20), separated by 15 yards that was traveled by a moving exercise. There were Burpies, followed by a Bear crawl, ‘Merkins and deep lunges, Sumo Squats and long jumps, Crunchie Frogs, Sprint across the top of the Wrecktangle into Mountain Climbers and a backpedal, Alternating shoulder taps and a fireman’s carry, Monkey Bumpers and crab walk, finish it up with American Hammers. Sprint back across the bottom to Rinse and repeat.

After 2 time through it was time for some Bring Sally Up Techno remix style (thanks to Selleck for that one) and an Indian Run to work out the links, upon returning to the Wrecktangle the PAX began another round, but Rollbar had to call Omaha to get to Mary.


Sweat Angels (IC) x 15

Gas Pumps (IC) x 10

Low Dollies (IC) x 15

LBC (IC) x 20



Third F Opportunity. ABIDE.  Saturday, June 9.  Grillmasters needed for community picnic.  10:30A-1PM.  Email Selleck by 12 noon June 3 with desire to volunteer and if any family will join you in a volunteer effort.  Once we have volunteer commitments, Selleck will send out details on location.


MURPH MONDAY |0530-0615AM. | Aldrich Elementary School 506 N 162nd Ave, Omaha, NE 68118.

Note: The Murph workout is completed in 10 sets!  (You don’t have to do 100 pull-ups consecutively).  100 Pull-ups, 200 Merkins, 300 Squats, 2.5 mile run and some core thrown in for fun.  All completed through 10 sets.  Great fitness test!

Roll Bar ended COT with scripture from Hebrews.  Aye,

Roll Bar

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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