We all want different things from our F3 experience. From a workout standpoint when I Q, I’m trying to:
– Allow people with vastly different fitness levels to get their own version of a beat down 
– Incorporate weights of some form for variety and to build a noticeably defined body
– Rotate muscle groups to allow other groups to rest for maximum workout volume and fun experience 
– Keep the group together at least some of the time
– Encourage mumble chatter and connection
I want the new, out of shape guy to have a good experience and come back. And the Sugar Rays to get a thorough beat down. Lofty perhaps. Somewhat challenging. This is how it went down. 

AO – Area of Operation: Stinson Park (stage and sidewalk)

QIC – Q in Charge: Bluegrass and Bubba Gump

The Scene

Bright sunny, hot day (90 degrees) at this urban park and shopping centre. Children playing. Couples walking. People shopping. The buzz of commerce. And six PAX bringing it in the heat of summer.

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer 

Mosey to stage with weights.  Shared mission, the F’s, disclaimer and form failure philosophy


Sun Gods

Alternating shoulder taps

Imperial walker

Mountain climber

Abe Vigoda


Broke into teams of 2. One team member did exercise while second one did a lap around Stinson and then did the exercise. Due to heat, we opted for some to go to the park bench and back.

Le Boom Boom (who had worked out at 5:30 am the same day) was running with a 30 lb ruck sack a good portion of the workout. Though not required it was impressive.


Standing Tricep Press* (1 dumbbell and “imaginary weights” modification)

Squats (no one used dumbbells as it was hot, darn hot)

Bent over row*

Plank Jacks

Hammer Curls*


Shoulder press*

* = opportunity to use a dumbbell of your choosing ranging from 10 lbs (don’t judge me) to 25 lbs 

Group worked very hard, sweat poured, mumble chatter was shared and then we transitioned into MOM.

MOM – 4 minutes of Mary



Freddie Mercury

Cindy Crawford (skipped this as the comedic timing wasn’t there)

American Hammer (30) led by a quasi-compassionate Boom Boom (Why Bubba, Why?)


6 PAX including Ponzi who stopped by before another engagement

Bluegrass, Bubba Gump, Ponzi, Boom Boom, Lebowski and TC (who were a powerful team of 2)


Boom Boom is getting his Associates Degree in the next several weeks. We will dedicate the 6:45 get together at Pauly’s to celebrate.

He is also leading a ruck on Sunday at 2 pm at Standing Bear Lake. Meet at the southwest area by the docs. Bring a backpack with any amount of weight (20 lbs recommended) and bring water.

Second weekend in July is Abide sports day. Let’s share our male community leadership with part of our community that needs it.

Drinks at Paulies following the beatdown (you are welcome to come join us post workout for a little beerateria even if you didn’t do the workout, although we might raz you).


Lebowski took us home with a prayer from his days on the UNO baseball field.

Mad love to the night shift.

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