Back Blast: Duets of Pain
Date: 7.3.2019

AO: Paradise Island

Pax: Gunner, Hard Hat, Honey Badger, Blue Suede, Vandalay, Honey Stinger, Stretch, Khakis, FDIC, TC, Bubbles, Tonight Show

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: 73 degrees and sunny.  It’s a beautiful day in Paradise.
Upon arrival YHC welcomed 9 HIM (TC Made 10 who learned a valuable lesson about the start time at Paradise) to the early morning gloom of Paradise.  After dispensing with the mission statement and disclaimer the men moseyed to the bottom of the Final Rose.

  • Hairy Rockettes 10 IC
  • Suicide squats (Brazilian, Regular, Deep)
  • Tappy Taps 15 IC
  • Bat Wing (forward, back, seal, overhead) 20 IC

After completing the W-A-R the men began a mosey up the Final Rose.  Those arriving early we were welcomed with 5 burpees OYO and a 10 count Al Gore, which was repeated until the 6 was in.  Once all pax were accounted for it was time to finish the mosey to the park.
The Thang:
Exercises were a duet of pain.  Each couplet was followed by a mosey around the park.

  • Sixty Second Arm Circles 15 each
  • LBCs 20 IC
  • Derkins, Merkins, Incline Merkins 20 each
  • LBCs 20 IC
  • Chair squats 20 IC
  • Tricep extension 20 IC
  • Rinse and Repeat * 3
  • Elevated carolina dry dock 20 IC
  • Flutter kicks 20 IC 
  • Rinse and Repeat * 3
  • Crawl Bear up the hill
  • Burpees 15 OYO

It was at this point Vandalay noted it was already 6am.  If not for this the pax might still be out there. The pax sprinted back to the shovel flag.
Not when you are running as late as YHC was.


  • FDIC thanked the HIM who reached out to him in the last 24 hours offering encouragement.
  • The Pit opens at Halleck Park in Papillion on 7/20/2019.  EH everyone you know in Papillion.
  • Patriot games kicks on 7/4/2019 at the Oracle.  There will be an early edition at 5:30 and regularly scheduled programming at 7:00.

So, yes, this beat down ran long.  YHC realized later that he was looking at average pace not elapsed time.  When it was at 22 minutes it seemed like we were right on schedule. Thanks Vandalay for calling out the correction.

YHC took us out with a prayer thanking the Sky Q for the trials that we face as they will be the experience we need to step into the future that is being prepared.  When you want more patience your impatience won’t be supernaturally removed. (Though this isn’t beyond His ability) You will get more opportunities to practice patience.  Learn from your trials and tribulations and consider them pure joy brothers.

A great conversation about good/bad leadership and the balance of virtuous leadership and the dichotomies that inevitably arise from being in leadership.

Always proud to be part of this group
Tonight Show

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