Wayward Kangaroo in the Wild Kingdom 02JUL2019

Pax: WaitTime, RoomService, Germex, BlueSuede, Lucille (FNG), TC, TriDelt, CSI, RollBar, Pelini (FNG), CrabCakes, TonightShow
Q: Captain Kangaroo
75 degrees in the early morning hours at West Omaha’s Zorinsky Lake Park.
As an out-of-towner, introductions were made. The F3 Mission and Core Principles were read.

Note: I had never been to Zorinsky before so I first scouted a few weeks ago via google maps. It looked a lot like a larger version of an AO I attend in Raleigh, “TrueGrit” at Shelley Lake so I knew I could come up with something pretty easily…especially since I saw rocks along the east side of the lake at the base of the dam. I love using ditch rocks in a workout! So I had half the Q planned out doing a lot of rock sets. Once in town, I also physically reconned the site and it was a good thing I did. Those rocks I hoped to use were HUGE. Much too big to use for gun work. So plan B was triggered.

I mentioned to the pax present that I love writing up a Q BUT, even though I’ve been a part of F3 since Aug 2013, Qing came very difficult to me because I am a world class introvert. It’s hard among pax I see everyday in Raleigh so you can imagine how challenging it was in front of new faces! So the lesson here is if I can do it, everyone should be able to step up… DM your Site Qs and get on the schedule!


  • Good Morning x10IC
  • Imperial Walker x10IC
  • Sun God x10IC Fwd/Rev

Fellowship run to picnic shelter across parking lot near the lake. Find a spot at a table.

  • Jump up (box jump) x10 oyo
  • Derkin x10 IC
  • Jump up x10 oyo
  • Derkin x15 IC
  • Jump up x10 oyo
  • Derkin x20 IC

Trot to adjacent bathroom structure (note: inside that structure is awful, based on firsthand experience during the previous day’s recon mission) and proceeded to circle it a couple of times as I reworked the ‘virtual weinke’ in my head (Plan C?). We stopped along one of the long walls on the east side where we could all fit

  • Balls to the Wall x10 IC
  • Star Jumps x10 oyo
  • Balls to the Wall x10 IC
  • Star Jumps x15 oyo
  • Balls to the Wall x10 IC
  • Star Jumps x20 oyo

Fellowship run toward dam. Stop at the intersection of the 3 trails.
Low Country Crab x20 IC
Continue to lower lake (unpaved) trail to the base of the dam as I’m sure that it isn’t an official WildKingdom workout unless the dam hill is utilized in some way. Partner up.
Partner 1 run up hill to paved trail and continue clockwise. Partner 2 run counterclockwise along unpaved trail to the paved trail. When partners meet, perform 10 partner high five merkins and then each continue their respective routes to start point.
Flapjack so partners switch directions. When they meet, perform 10 partner sit-ups and then continue their respective routes to start point and perform an additional 10 partner sit-ups.
Fellowship run back along unpaved trail through woods to dock. Using middle rail perform:

  • One-legged squat (right) x10
  • One-legged squat (left) x10
  • One-legged squat (right) x15
  • One-legged squat (left) x15
  • One-legged squat (right) x20
  • One-legged squat (left) x20

Short trot to parking lot near lake and find a spot on the curb
QuckFeet x10 IC
Burpee quadruple broadjump (1 burp, 4 broad jumps, repeato as necessary) across the parking lot.
Curb QuckFeet x10 IC
Bear crawl the first half of the parking lot (Crabcakes is legit. I’m one of the better BCers in Raleigh and I had a hard time keeping up w/ him) and then crawl bear/backward bear crawl the second half.
Single file line for an Indian Run back to original start grass area for quick/abbreviated
Jack Webb w/ 1:4 ratio (1 merkin/4 air presses, 2/8 etc to 5 merkin/20 air presses.
Running out of time so time for a little Mary

  • WWII sit-up x10
  • Freddie Mercury x20 IC
  • Homer-to-Marge x20 IC

(a little instruction was needed here as my version of the HtM was different than the HtM that we did a few days prior at TheOracle. The one we did today resembles the one that pops up if you google ‘bridge exercise’…good for marketing F3 along a busy street/intersection 😉

Namorama, FNGs named (‘Lucille’ is a big music fan–especially the blues and BB King. ‘Pelini” is a diehard Iowa Hawkeye fan), Announcements
Prayer concerns

Galatians 6:2 reminds us to carry each others’ burdens and F3 has shown us that, collectively, we do a pretty good job of doing just that with texts, calls, and action for those going through. various levels of suffering. The Q admitted that sometimes he feels that he falls short in this quality but is resolved to get better about reaching out.

A prayer was offered to close us out.


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