March, 28th 2023 – The Sanitarium – Grinding and Serving

PAX (17): Black Tuesday, Ray-Ban, Levy, Ladybug, Busser, Double Dip, Mortar, Mr. Hanky, Knobs, G-String, Duracell, Uncle Jesse, Dozer, Rooney, Sweet Roll, Baby Shark

Pre-runners (LOTS): Busser, Knobs, Sweet Roll, Mr. Hanky, Ladybug, Duracell, G-String, Uncle Jesse, Ray-Ban, Double Dip, Baby Shark, Boss Hogg

FNGs: None

Q: Boss Hogg

The morning began promptly at 0530 where the PAX were welcomed and informed that this morning’s beatdown would be quick and efficient due to a service opportunity that becameavailable through the school. With that, I shared that I was not a professional and to modify as necessary. 

To save time, we did not immediately share the F3 Mission Statement and Core Principles. We immediately moseyed to the turf field, completed one lap and convened at the north goal line. It was here that we circled up and completed a brief Warm-O-Rama consisting of:

• SSH – unknown amount, during the SSH we covered the F3 Mission Statement and Five Core Principles

1. Free of charge

2. Open to all men

3. Held outdoors

4. We are led in a rotating fashion

5. We will end in a Circle of Trust

• 10 Big Ones

The Thang

The PAX jumped right into the Thang which consisted of a two-man grinder of: 

• 100 Burpees (running 50 yards) 

• 100 Big Boys (running 50 yards) 

• 200 Merkins (running 100 yards) 

• 200 Air Squats (running 100 yards)

OMAHA was called at 0550 as we transitioned to the service opportunity

Service Opportunity

The PAX moseyed to the north gymnasium of Papillion La Vista High School. Double Dip explained that the school had installed new bleachers, but plywood from the old bleachers remained stacked in the gym and needed to be moved out. The PAX worked swiftly to move several stacks of old plywood into the alley off the north gym. Knobs was slowed slightly as he was overwhelmed with the memories of love gained and love lost while moving out the old bleachers. 


• Prayers to Charlotte Austin who is currently hospitalized with pneumonia

• Prayers to Chernobyl’s sister who will be induced early

• Prayers to the Nashville community and the families impacted by yesterday’s school shooting

• Prayers to Mortar’s friend’s sister who recently passed away


• F3 Convergence on 04/22/2023 at the Oracle


I shared how my youngest daughter turns 11 years old on Friday. Over the past couple of days I’ve been getting numerous Facebook memories of her past birthday parties as we’ve celebrated over the years. It hit me this week just how fast time goes; that these memories seem like they only happened recently despite occurring several years ago. I unexpectedly got a little emotional while sharing this and struggled a bit to convey what I was trying to say. Ultimately, the message was that we are all allotted only a certain amount of time with our loved ones and to cherish that time that we have. 


Boss Hogg

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