F3Omaha January 26, 2023 – RESPECT

Golden Spike AO, Humidity 85% and 8 degrees but below zero WC.

I arrived early to quickly set up for the Thang which would be simple today and allow for modification for guys that wanted to take it easy a couple days before the CSAUP.  Q-Tip prepped for his typical Ruck expedition and TC joined me for a typical Spike Pre-Run.

PAX: Caruso, Frosty, Hooah, Paddles, Q-Tip, Slow Clap, Doll Face, Ozark, TC, Wait Time, Chiclets, Khakis, FNG- Orange Juice, Canadian Bacon, Hipster.  RESPECT to all

QIC: Vandelay – 

I presented the mission, core principles, and disclaimers, and the PAX moseyed to the Track to do one lap to warm things up. Our Down Range FNG had a bad hoof and was in a boot, so we chatted on the way to the center of the track while the others made their lap. There is something fun about telling a bunch of guys to take a lap and then watching them do it.


We started with some Side Straddle Hops and then moved into some yoga poses and some back stretches.  Need to make sure things are loose before Saturday.

Pre Thang

I had planned to run stairs, but they were still pretty icy.  Additional stretches were plan B but it was really too cold for more static stuff, so I improvised for some line running

I had the guys break into groups of 4 or 5with 2 on one end and 2 on the other with 20 yards in between.  It was a sort of relay as somebody would run and relieve someone from one end and then the same at the other end rotating back and forth between A and B

Station A: Alternating rounds of High Knees and Butt Kickers as AMRAP

Station B: Alternating rounds of Cherry Pickers and Air Presses as AMRAP


Thang consisted of pairing up into groups of 8 and running a 3-man grinder in pairs or groups of 3 to encourage mumble-chatter and to push your partner.

Exercises on one side of 40-yard run:










Exercises on other side:










Flutter Kicks – 15 IC

E 2 K – 15 each side

Box Cutters – 15 IC

American Hammer – Rancid Style 

Circle of Trust

Welcome Down Range brother and FNG today – Orange Juice – he got lucky on that one, if you want my opinion.  Vols fan.

Announcements & Prayers:

• CSAUP- Saturday

• HHM Feb 11

• Gradoville Fundraiser at MCL – Feb 16

• Prayers for sons of Slow Clap and Mulligan

• Prayers of thanks for Pit Stop’s M and recent clear scans

• Safety at CSAUP

• Others not said or recorded

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

It is National Spouse Day today – so no gift or anything.  Just show some appreciation and gratitude for what you mean to each other.


Now- The Idea of the Respect Pax

Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.  

This Saturday we will have a rare occasion to have all the PAX assembled.  This will be a tremendous opportunity to influence many individuals who look to us for inspiration.  Generally, I am uncomfortable with this position, and I feel many of you are much more qualified.  Not because of age – but because of Respect- including that which I have for all of you.

Whether you are pushing through mile 4, and 28 year olds are walking, or you are cheering on the 6 while heading back to pick them up, or if you are supporting the efforts by driving a support car, or bringing food, or leading the whole thing, you will be looked to for inspiration – in some way.  Do not take the responsibility lightly.  Demonstrate with action more so than voice and listen for where your influence may be needed.

Take a chance to connect with someone new Saturday.


Vandelay –           ​

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